Never Give a Wild /\rty Dates

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Never Give a Wild /\rty Dates

Post by artymon I\/ » Thu 14th Jun 2018

....because he'll roll them in a peanut butter tortilla and have way too much energy and start writing things that don't make a lick of sense. Easy done as a wet foot!

I can see you, hiding
With you time, biding
Officially oblivious, you wait
Notoriously hoping I’ll break the gate
Too much trauma spent
Wondering where it went
And why it can’t be saved
I refuse to be enslaved
The blue expanse of sea
Is what sets us free
Looking to the dawn
Lovers make sounds to fawn
Forget what you know
If only to let go
Go now and see the beauty
However small our sanity
Tonight belongs to us
For as long as dusk
Outlasts the sun
Reminding all is done
Unless someone cares an awful lot
Situations will improve not
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