for nicole.

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for nicole.

Post by FowlStar » Wed 14th Dec 2016

love is love, and mine will wait for you, baby. i believe our souls were birthed in the same flickers of starfire, their embers smoldering in tandem somewhere in a quiet little corner of the universe. i know we are far apart now, my love, but think of the aeons we spent devoid of each other, that glow i crave. a few feet across a hallway don’t seem like much in comparison with all the lightyears that blasted your stardust apart from mine.

the moment i saw you, i knew we were meant to be. i knew that i had lived alongside you before, perhaps in another life–some greater existence where the undeniable femininity of our spirits was indeed celebrated. not something to be punished for. we thrum upon the same gravitational frequency, your love and mine and our love together. some part of me recognizes that you were built amidst storms of the selfsame nebula i was given life from.

kissing you feels like revisiting that beautiful place. kissing you feels divine.

you are divine, my darling. i seek that glow of yours desperately, ichor flowing unseen between our two hearts in the hallways of this school. i swear i can feel your chest rise to breathe (underneath the ghost of my hands, you see), and find myself wishing i could kiss that whisper of air from your lips in front of everyone. to proclaim to the world that you are mine, mine, mine.

i swear i can feel my heart speed up as our gazes meet, i know you always seem to catch me looking to you with wonder from across the room. the way you command attention, authoritative and kind. people listen to you. i could spend my life listening to you.

i sing to you sweetly in brightly lit hallways, voice low. my rhythms are for you only, those arduous professions that bespeak an ache building within my chest, every time i see you. the clear notes hang in the air between us, and my fingers graze the back of your neck, right before i move past you to get to my class. don’t let the teachers see, this isn’t allowed. this isn’t allowed. our love is divine, it’s not allowed. we’re stuck here, in these quietly withering mortal confines.

i know they have forbidden you from seeing me, but they can’t keep apart our two souls, heaven-sent. the fates have spun our threads, the golden sinews of our lives are entwined irrevocably. i will find my way to you.

i promise.
i write because you exist.

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