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Post by Inky Duchess » Tue 6th Aug 2013

Its morning now, no clock in sight but you can feel it in your bones.
The horrors of the previous night begin to fade away, and you trust your bedroom once again.

I was all your imagination, you tell yourself, but deep down inside you know better.
But now, with the lights to banish the darkness of night, you can sleep peacefully.

It's not like you can talk to anybody about it, they all say you being irrational.
That it's just a childish fear.

But how can some one not be scared?
How can you lay there in your bed, not knowing what was lurking in the darkness?

You don't even know when this started, when you first realized how dark it could get at night.
Guess you just never had problems sleeping before.

You do now.
You can't sleep at all.

You just lay there still, reciting prayers in your head.
Hoping you will making it through the night.

It's not that bad when the light's are on, but you can only get away with that sometimes.
You tell your self that you can make it when they're gone, but you can easily see through your own lies.

During the day you think it's over, that nothing can hurt you now.
But in side you can feel it.

The dread of the upcoming night.

Inspired by Lights - Ellie Goulding
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