The Cafe with the Black Banner

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The Cafe with the Black Banner

Post by Iris_Cam » Mon 8th Apr 2013

Okay. Firstly, I'd like to say, this is not an RP. Since most of us visiting this forum are aspiring writers, it's kind of a character review-game thing. I picked this off cause I thought it seemed cool.

So, okay. Your original character walks up to the cafe with the black banner. You can choose to let your character contemplate the black banner, or enter the cafe, or whatever. The folks on the FP forum have a talking door, so I guess anything goes.

The thing is, you have to read the previous entry, and rate the character(and writing) out of 10. Not as in how much you like the character, but how good a character s/he is. One dimensional? Reads like a puppet, with no feeling? Mary-Sue? Terrible name? Just explain and yeah. Constructive criticism, please. No hate.

Don't write up a character profile. The whole point is to see how much we find out about your character by reading through the lines and whatnot. And try to stick to OCs; I mean, I guess there's no harm writing someone else's character, but for an exercise in character development, why would you?

Basic things to think about:
Agency(why is the character at the cafe?)
Description(Helps with visualisation)
Thoughts(Develops the character)

Interaction with previous characters? I don't know, but I personally feel as though it will turn into an RP. So... uh, Mods decide for me?

So. Here goes.

**** (note line of asterisks. Separate your review and your writing, please)

Evi stared at the black banner hanging above the door. Why did the Incognita decide to meet there? It was too obvious; the black banner was easily identified among all the other eateries in the area.

The banner fluttered, and Evi likened it to a funeral shroud. She thought, with a pang of sadness, about Anchor. Dead as a doornail, gone forever. Incognita would never be the same again.

She blinked back the tears, clenched her teeth, smoothed her ebony-coloured hair and strode into the cafe.
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