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Post by bentj96 » Mon 1st Apr 2013

Inspired by FowlStar.

- Benzy-Oreo

Helios’ horses run across the sky,
Their hearts pump liquid fire,
Their hooves leave torrents of flame,
Their manes burn the air to ash.

Pulling along a chariot of glorious existence,
Liquid love drips from their skeletal cages,
Falling between rains and firestorms,
Past blizzards and ash.

Their step reaches a gallop,
And the sky blurs and becomes,
Of ice and snow and rain.
Of love and fire and ash,

Flying quicker, quicker, higher and stronger,
Wind tears our hearts from our chests,
Fading from reality into the existence beyond,

The sun is brimming across the horizon,
Undercarriage filled with ice and bandages.

Warmth consumes the earth,
And the cold follows,
But those comets are returning,
With unstoppable speed.
I'm a crazy Whovian, watch out!

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