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Post by bentj96 » Sat 9th Mar 2013

A piece written in a moment of victory.

- October Grief



Life pours through my steady soul,
As I rush through war.

Red crimson follows me like footsteps,

In my hands and heart and soul,
There is steel greatness.
Drowning my gold cloak in red glory,
In red cardinal agony,

My feet crash, crush, conquer,
The fire cradled battlefield cracking underneath.

Nimble, I scale a mountainous foe,

My presence is like that of a desecrated god,
My victory screams fury over my failing,

Heat, glory, ecstasy,
Burning through through.

I can.

The drowning tatters of battle,
Nations incandescent in pride,

All now within beyond my veil of clarity.

My hands are so sure,
Glinting silvery knuckles,
Wrapped around a gold circlet.

The royal purple of the enemy,
Ripples from my hand.

I can conquer.

With Nation's sigil, Pride's brand, Love's seal,
The legends now speak of my sole weapon,
Fluttering in three red velvet banners of war.

I can conquer all.
I'm a crazy Whovian, watch out!

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