Where Respite Has No Place

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Where Respite Has No Place

Post by bentj96 » Fri 1st Mar 2013

It takes true friendship and dedication to build a paradise. Don't forget those that love you most.

- Dark Star

One, the very first, a son of lonely song, strong and smoldering, the Phoenix Prince,
Second, the greatest lover, born of ice and creation, sweet and beautiful, the Lady of Light,
Third, a blessed soul, daughter born of brilliance, kind and bold, the Guardian of Grace,
Fourth, a kindled heart, prize of a traveling healer, thoughtful and temperate, the Spirit of Spring,
Fifth, calm of heart, born of ethereal flame, compassionate and powerful, the Dragon Muse.

These five, in times of peace and battle, have no empire to fear, no single shadow,
For the perfection they built was not to hate, but only to love,
It was not of strength, but only of wisdom and beauty.

The Phoenix Prince, rallying his people, creating an alliance of heart and soul,
An alliance from which a hymn arose, a masterpiece of roaring power and the hope of a nation.

The Lady of Light, a beautiful figure shrouded in whites and pinks, building endlessly lovely formations from each shattered piece,
A white ice tower, the beacon of learning, a vault to contain the infinity of human genius.

The Guardian of Grace, who from her seat at high court, could delight lords with a mere smile,
She who guards the grace of men, she who turns their greed to kindness, she who protects all.

The Spirit of Spring, an ascendant from wealth to healing, she who can from one touch, heal any injury,
By wielding her spirit, and rivulets of life, she brings forth life in nature, in spirit, even in steel creation.

The Dragon Muse, whose long blade whispers away from his long centuries at war, and now only builds the heavens,
He wields the hammer of a Creator, the sword of Intellect, the eagle’s eyes of Imagination.

Five friends, king, librarian, magistrate, healer, builder,
Five aspects, unity, knowledge, justice, life, death and creation,
Five kings and queens, each in their own right and respect,
Five of the people, respected and loved, leaving their legacy, an everlasting paradise.

Search with no rest, wander with no sleep,
So you may tread where respite has no place.
I'm a crazy Whovian, watch out!

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