Only Beyond (Day 1 + 2)

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Only Beyond (Day 1 + 2)

Post by bentj96 » Thu 28th Feb 2013

I think this'll be a five part story. There's a clear pattern as you can see. It'll turn out positive, promise!

Day One:

I’m stepping through the hurting mist, walking, wandering, eyes distant, searching for what respite I know beyond.

As I look back through the fog, the sad light of the infinite shines so bright, that I can focus. But only on my guiding light.

Perhaps I must find another way to her.

Night One:

As my cold fingers rustle in my pockets, I’m unsure of my purpose, they of their will. My thoughts run amok in nightmare panic.

Day Two:

I’m starting through a grey dream, walking, wandering, hands shaking, wondering of an end to my time.

As I roll my thin fingers around, a Braille star-map of the cosmos pulses so strongly in my hands, that I feel hope. But only of my heart in pieces.

Perhaps I must endure the starkness of time.
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