Just their self

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Just their self

Post by Bang Your Drum » Wed 20th Feb 2013

Everyone with just their self
Was once hiding in an attic above a shelf

They couldn't pay
They were scared to say

That they needed help
They were just a small whelp

No one listened no one cared
But now they are all so scared

Of the failed landscapist's plan
For a world ruled by his hand

Who could have stopped him?
Who could have helped him?

I believe everyone is born with the same potential, no matter creed, sexual preference, gender, or status... Harnessing that potential is another matter, the current state of the world dictates that only white cygendered heterosexual men can accomplish things without trying very hard at all.
We all can be petty or wise, brave or fearful, strong in all kinds of ways... Weak in others...
When you forget that the world and everyone's in it becomes your enemy.
Moses Seixas wrote:give bigotry no sanction

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