Love Of Snow

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Love Of Snow

Post by bentj96 » Tue 12th Feb 2013

Her beauty,
It’s snow storms tucked away,
Bottled in my fingers,
Tiny freezing snowflakes,
They comfort me, break my fall,
The sparks set my heart alight,

This girl, so unique in perfection,
I could wish nothing more,

There, spinning, eyes turned up,
Catching each swirling snowflake,
My attention is caught in her dance,
Her features spinning around me,

My blazing fingers in the curve of her hip,
Lips memorizing her sweetest smile,
I cherish her soft voice, guiding me,
It is she, who serenades me,
Like pure white twirling,
Whispers of snow,

Her every detail commands my breath,
She is such beautiful art,
A masterpiece of the infinite,
Even Da Vinci, his sparkling thoughts,
Or Van Gogh’s knowing eyes,
They could not shape her perfection,

Intricacy is what draws me to her,

She has let me sculpt her,
Though my hands,
They could not be steady enough,
Without her words,
And her peaceful patience,
To teach me,

Swirling in her chest,
There is a glimmering mote,
It melts bits of snow to tears,
Leaving the crystals of her beauty,
The arches and geometric shapes,
Of her life, mind, and soul,
Standing as monuments around me,

It is a beautiful, lost city,
Paradise within her heart,

It is mine to explore,
Under her protection,
Knowing her beauty,
And ready to give my life,

The snow storms in her eyes,
As I peer into her mirror,
Their perfection is but trifling,
When compared to the place,
She has created in my heart
I'm a crazy Whovian, watch out!

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Re: Love Of Snow

Post by whosasking » Sun 17th Feb 2013

If this was Reddit, I would so upvote you, then make twenty other accounts so I could upvote you again.
(they/them or she/her)
^ THANK YOU, AFFY!!!! *bows* thankyouthankyouthankyou imnotworthy!!!! I LOVE the siggie!!!!
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Re: Love Of Snow

Post by FowlStar » Wed 27th Feb 2013

This is beautiful.
i write because you exist.

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