Build the Door to Hear the Knock

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Build the Door to Hear the Knock

Post by JLHxXxX » Tue 5th Feb 2013

Take this quite seriously. Someone very clever in my pit of despair said to me, "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

“Flowers drift in the sultry breeze,
Bees bumble by and canaries do sing
Of a song of the fallen
Who have risen again.”

The door…the door is a very special door.
The wood was scavenged from the land of Loneliness
The hinges made from the core of Hatred.
The nails were found at the bottom of the ocean of Misery
And the knob was found at the pit of Despair.

The builders were exceptionally difficult to locate;
One was wandering along the border of Hope,
The other dancing in the sun of Content,
Third was from the lakes of Friendship
Finally, the fourth came directly from the endless span of Happiness.

Hope built the door itself,
Content screwed on the hinges,
Content carefully put the knob onto the thick wooden frame,
And happiness helped open the door painfully slow.
Happiness reached out with open hands for the graces to tickle its fingers.
It yearned for the feeling of love, peace, content.
It snatched onto anything that came near.

While searching through the door,
Content was building a mirror,
And in the mirror was a girl with
Too wide of hips, stringy hair and bloodshot eyes.
Happiness snatched one finally and it flew into the mirror.
In the reflection rested a girl with
Flowing hair, bright eyes, and the perfect body.

While seeking what lay beyond the door,
Each made a list of the positive and negative.
Slowly, the good outweighed the bad.
Slowly, she could smile…

She removed the mask.
In flew buzzing lights and tickling delights.
In flew happiness and evolution and peace with oneself.
In flew self preservation.
In flew all of the light the darkness had obscured.

Happiness smiled and clung onto these magical lights,
They were put into jars, into hearts,
Tread to be permanent in the new life.
Off with the mask,
Down with society.
Crawl out of the pits and swim out of the oceans
Go frolicking in the paths built by one.

Enjoy the happiness you worked so hard to achieve.
Waiting for the bus that never comes is silly. Once you start to walk, every opportunity will be stopping you in your tracks to greet you.


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