Overused FiMfic Elements.

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Overused FiMfic Elements.

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Thu 24th Jan 2013

This is just a list of things I think needs to stop being treated as canon in the My Little Pony fiction.

1. Pinkie Pie being a murderer: This is a KID'S show! I understand it in a grimdark fic (and even then it's cliché), but come on! She's not actually a serial killer!

2. Rainbow Dash/Scootaloo being orphans: Again, this is kinda being watered down in fics, and it should stop being treated as a fact. We didn't see Rarity's parents until the second season, so give it time. It may be explicitly stated that they are/are not orphans.

3. Any form of fillyfooling: This is just gross. It's like a 16+-year-old messing around (if you know what I mean) with an 8-year-old. It would obviously never happen in the show, and is quite disturbing in fics.

4. Humans in Equestria: It's okay and kinda funny in fics, but it will never happen in the show. Lauren Faust said so herself.

5. Rainbow Dash losing her wings: Overused. Simply overused.

6. My Little Dashie clones/spinoffs: Again, overused. The original and a few spinoffs were perfectly enough. Now they're getting stale.
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