Luna's Final Ballad (Deathcore)

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Luna's Final Ballad (Deathcore)

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Mon 17th Dec 2012

I've been locked up for 1000 years
With the voices in my head
Waiting for revenge
I'll make you regret the things you said

The night is my only realm
The moon my only friend
So all you little ponies
get ready for the end

This is my final ballad
My last lamentation
I've been gone for so long
I've forgotten all yor faces

Oh my God
What have I done?
This bright, cheerful place
Has been washed in blood

I'll fly clean away
Where no one can see
Rip off my wings
It's the end of me

This is my last ballad
My last song to sing
I knew it would end like this
For someone like me

And I'm falling far away
Where I won't be seen again
I regret the things I've done
So I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling
I'm falling
(I... I'm sorry...)
You say loving a fictional character is senseless...
I say it's the truest love there is.

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