Provenance of Brilliance

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Provenance of Brilliance

Post by bentj96 » Wed 5th Dec 2012

Know your dream, speak it's foreign tongues, and learn it well. Don't let yourself lose sight. Good luck, FGers. I know I'll be needing all I can get.

-Dark Star

(any comments are greatly appreciated :D)

The provenance of a beautiful dream,
Forming in the amethyst twilight,
Such a dream is beyond the limitations of our imagination,
In the companion of lucid brilliance.

It is a dream built from the mere thought of happiness,
A turmoil of emotions, tumult of memories,
Breaking, pulling, forming the flawless architecture.

But where most dreamers slip into a slumber,
So utterly chilled beneath the death knell of virulent words,
Others yet rise, their dreams erupting in flame,
Fuelled by a pitter-patter of falling droplets of liquid fire,
Heating, burning, setting fire to their very existence.

And yet many, through the fiery inferno,
Under grey-black clouds seen in a fragmented glass pane,
Find none but themselves, with scarlet hands,
Dripping red agony, and incessant misery, upon bloodied, sliding tiles,
And with their fingers shaking against a cold pale body of porcelain skin,
Signifying, starkly shouting, a lifeless, broken dream.

Still, dreams are not at all an end,
As a few see rain in the hollow eyes of fellow dreamers,
Rain to quench the passion, to harbour, and so raise the rivers.

So now, from the ebbing stream of humanity,
Flowing through our hearts,
Starts a roaring river, a shaping fall,
Of carnal compassion, ethereal alliance,
Binding, empowering, inciting a cataclysm,
A torrent of seemingly divine power,
And such willingness to create a dream.

There, with corporal wisps of understanding,
Such beautiful plans, of rain and inferno,
And in the hands of endless devotion,
We see that beneath our whispering footfalls,
The dusty earth is breaking, shattering,
Into an illegibly integral foundation,
Of what we may so call a dream.
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Re: Provenance of Brilliance

Post by world is quiet here » Wed 5th Dec 2012

Steve Benz my feels now :I This is amazing really O: It's got such great imagery. The ending is amazing I give you 10/10.

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