Hindsight, what a wonderful thing

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Hindsight, what a wonderful thing

Post by Princereedy » Tue 24th Jul 2012

The sun was shining bright
Cupids floating on a kite
His eyes gazing on me
His eyes gazing on you

You jumped out and said Hi!
I froze, going all shy
My legs going to slush
My cheeks forming a blush
My lips formed a nervous smile
I wanted to flirt with style
Cupid gave us a glance
And did his love dance
Who knew at the time?
Our paths would intertwine?

But of course, I chucked it in the bin
What we both had, it had all caved in
Memories of 2 and a half years
Form all of these many tears
And with this poem I sing
Oh Hindsight, what a wonderful thing!

I'm a better person then I was, please just give me a look
I should have been better, that I mistook
I took it for granted, and now I'm paying the price
Fate didn't do this, it was my roll of the dice
I just want you to be happy, but not with him, with me
My heart has broke, but no one can see
My happiness is fake, its all just a mask
When I tell them I don't care, in those lies I bask
I should have given more, had shown more fight
But now your with him, its all too late
All I can do is sing
Oh Hindsight, what a wonderful thing!

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Re: Hindsight, what a wonderful thing

Post by ashyartemispotozuko » Tue 24th Jul 2012

omg this was reallllllyy good!!! It's so sad yet such a good story!!
THANK YOU SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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