Keeping Company

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Keeping Company

Post by artymon I\/ » Wed 18th Jul 2012

Just a short thing I wrote, based on an old conversation....

I should warn you, there's an instance where a dog swears. But that aside
Needs some work but for now,

The Firebird made soft rumbling as Henry pulled into slot number 6, the only sound to break the dead silence that engulfed the complex. He switched off the headlights and they slid back into their grooves. So cool. Just like the headlights on the Corvette his dad used to own. Henry briefly envisioned himself commuting to and from his that smooth black Vet. Ah well, he was very content with his red Firebird, it gave him an eighties look according to a girl from work.
He sat in the car a few seconds longer, listening to Don sing about a generation lost in space and how the music used to make him smile. Henry smiled too, turning the key and unhooking his PSP from the car’s auxiliary port. Old and outdated, but it suited his purposes for tonight as means of a musical projector until he got his phone back. Maybe he should get an iPod, nothing fancy, just something basic for music. Life would be dull without music. Well, that wasn’t entirely true; someone else helped life from being too dull.
Stumbling inside the apartment, Henry heard a gruff growl, then saw a vague outline of a furry beast starring up at him.
Hey, b*tch, it’s you! Didja bring me anything??
Henry bent down to give the dog a pat on the head, then headed to the kitchen, and opened the fridge. Miscellaneous food items were presented before him: Loaf of bread, cheese, cake, corn on the cob, rice in a bowl, and so on. Though he really shouldn’t, Henry pulled out the cake and cut himself a small piece. It was just a cheap grocery store cake, but it still made his taste buds rejoice, Yay, junk food!
Moving to the bathroom, he stripped out of his sweating red shirt and pants, tossing them into the laundry bin. Brushing his teeth and popping out his contacts, Henry fired up his laptop and went into his room with a bottle of water.
He checked the usual websites…which was small. Facebook, TSE, and 1Channel. A few pokes on FB that he returned, no new videos from Spoony, it looked like 1Channel finally had a video for Amazing Spider-Man. About time, is it that hard to bootleg a movie? He was just about to log off and catch some sleep when the computer dinged that he had a message from Mary. He smiled and saw she was online…or at least someone was logged in as her at one thirty in the morning.
Mary: Henry?
Henry: Hey Mary :)
Henry: Whatever is a gorgeous girl like you doing up at such an ungodly hour? Thou doth need her beauty sleep.
Mary: I saw Magic Mike tonight
Henry: Oh really? You know if you wanted to watch a guy strip, I’d’ve been more than happy to come over :D
Mary: Yeah, I bet you would.
Henry: Meow.
Mary: So, at this “ungodly hour” do you think you could keep a “gorgeous girl” company?
Henry: Might that be an invitation?
Mary: Maybe ;)
Henry: Rawr, vury well madam, I’ll be right over :D

He logged off and shut down his computer, leaping off his bed he opened the closet doors. Hm…..oh it doesn’t matter what shirt, anyone will be fine! He randomly selected one and threw on a pair of jeans.
Two rocks songs later, he pulled into Mary’s driveway and killed the engine. The front door opened and she greeted him with a hug.
“Gooood morning Vietnam!” Henry said, delivering a quick kiss to Mary.
She giggled and rolled her eyes. He followed Mary inside to her room and they sat on the bed.
“So how was maccas?”
“Oh the usual, got held up by the same robber twice in drive through, found a little kitten on a trash run, named it Selina, found a rhyme for orange, then pondered a solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem. All in all, same stuff different day.”
“Sounds like someone had a busy day, probably too tiwed to do anything?” Mary made a baby faced pout. That girl barely had to try to be cute.
“I wouldn’t say that, sweetheart,” he replied, pulling her into another embrace.
“Call me ‘sweetheart’ again and I’ll break every bone in your body,” she informed Henry in a sweetly serious tone.
“Rawr.” He kissed her cheek. “Not before we go see Alice Cooper, right?”
“Uh huh, I’ll use your wheelchair to shove through the mosh pits.”
“So mean.”
“Shut up. You like it.”
For a few minutes they just sat together, enjoying each other’s presence. An arm snaked itself around Mary’s waist, she returned an arm around his waist. Henry smiled. He brushed a lock of her hair out of her face and leaned in to kiss her.
Of all the girls in Henry’s life, which wasn’t a lot, none of them made him feel the way he felt around Mary, at ease, relaxed. Other girls he had felt very uncomfortable around, it was almost embarrassing this…chill, fear, of feeling the touch of another girl on him. Like Marty being freaked out by his mom’s advances in Back to the Future. As if the only reason a woman would want to touch him was to hurt him. Mary was different, in an indescribable way, she was right for him. But then was he right for her?
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