A song I wrote :3

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A song I wrote :3

Post by Karasuthekitsune » Mon 11th Jun 2012

This Wall

Darkness consumes me
But I can see light
Pain buries me
But I still fight
Hate takes me
But love saves me
Death is a joke
So I'll drop it

My life seemed to burn to the ground
But I can rebuild it without a sound
Not a whimper, or even a whine
All I need is a little time

Tears can fall
And things will be lost
But nothing will take my pride
Not even the deepest frost

I thought I had lost it all
The pain seemed to break me
But it only broke these chains
It freed me

There are days when I wonder
Why I live at all
But hope comes from little things
And can break down my wall
And hate is an illusion
Conjured from the mind
And pain comes from sadness
Both yours and mine

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