Johanna Mason fanfic

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Johanna Mason fanfic

Post by Josephine Fowl » Thu 7th Jun 2012

Hey guys, this is my first try at posting a fanfic here. It's something I've written about a former Hunger Games, so if you haven't read the books, it might be a bit confusing.

Here goes nothing!


"60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54," it calls in the Arena. The podium, I stand on, is shining in the sunlight. The field is green, sickly green. In the middle of this so-called field between all the Tributes is the Cornucopia in all its overwhelming grandeur.
I look at the other Tributes. Many of them look scared and they look around themselves, considering their chances of survival. The Career Tributes will of course run directly to the Cornucopia, where the blood bath will take place. All others who come too close, will be killed on the spot. Not one chance of survival. Some may choose to run there to get it over with. For them not to fight, for them not to fight to survive, in order not to kill anyone.
"23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17," the voice continues. I swallow a lump.
I do not know what to do. My plan is to grab the nearest backpack and then disappear. The only problem is that there are no places to disappear to. There's just fields as far as I can see. There are also a few trees and shrubs. Only a few, but they are at least two kilometers away from here.
"7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0," and then the gong chime. The Careers literally fly down from their podiums. All the others run to get a backpack. Get some weapons.
They are dead before they reach the 50 meters there is to the Cornucopia.
I jump down from my podium. F*ck them all, I just have to get away.
Backpack, backpack, backpack, my brain screams. There is one, ten meters away. But the farer away they are from the Cornucopia ... The sadder the content is. I cannot use cookies for anything, I need weapons, rope, a sleeping bag.
There is a bag more, which the Careers have not got their hands on yet. 20 meters from here, but also 15 meters from one of them. A Career. District 1, I guess. Luxury items. Tall, thin girl with long brown hair. Strong legs, it seems.
But can she run? She can just beat it, I think and start to sprint towards the bag. She does not notice anything.
But the others do. They cry at her that she should turn around, maybe throw something at me.
"The ax, Kaylee, the ax!"
She has an ax. Are they kidding me? If I get hit by it, I'm done, but maybe I can dodge it, and maybe even get my hands on it ... There might be a chance.
I'm Johanna. Johanna Mason, 15 years from the District 7. The industry in District 7 is lumber, so an ax would be the ideal weapon for me, for I have worked with my brothers since I was about 10 years old. Actually, I have swung around with axes, since I was little.
All this for a f*cking backpack, but it had to be like this. Kaylee takes a few steps forwards and swings the ax over her head. She does not seem to be used to axes. I smile and speed up a bit. The bag is only 2 meters away when Kaylee throws the ax at me.
But I leap agilely to the side, and it smashes into the ground. I laugh at myself, when I see the others' faces.
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