Remember Me.

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Remember Me.

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Tue 29th May 2012

So, APB and I are planning something special.... Our own book.
So, we've been playing around, experimenting with some ideas and throwing characters into situations and other things just to test out ideas and enjoy some writing...
So, if you listen to the song above... I heard the song and to me, I thought of a story (That I only managed a short fix of, really.) where somewhere in the book, Liviana had been assumed killed. Rusty, unable to really live in the city of Diamonds with all his memories of Liviana, decides he's going to leave. Meanwhile, Liv is actually alive and trying to find him...
So, try listening to the song as you read or after you read or whatever, and I hope you enjoy. :)
I only wish I could do the writing justice from how it appears in my head. Much longer and detailed...


It was hard to believe it had been so long.
How long had it really been? It felt like the days were months and the months, years. Even then, not many had passed, yet it felt like many years since she was gone.
Then again, no one ever plans to lose one of the most important things in a person’s life.
If they did, no one would ever be happy, the world would be so much stranger.
He smiled fondly at the frame he held in his hand, tracing a finger over the picture behind the glass. A single drop fell on the glass. Rusty put the frame aside, looking at the bag of things he was going to leave with. He had the duffel bag on the ground, two other suitcases by the door. He looked at the contents of the duffel bag again.
He sighed, kneading his forehead.
He just wanted her back.
It had been too long and his wounds weren’t ever going to heal.
She ran through the light sun-shower, stopping in the markets as the hawkers called out to prospective buyers and merchants moved their carts.
‘Rusty!’ she exclaimed, panting hard, ‘Rusty!’
No one replied, no one even paid attention to her except to wonder what she was doing.
She looked around, losing her smile for just a moment. She perked up again not too shortly after. She would find him, she knew she would.
She began to run again, pushing through the crowd desperately.
He turned off the last light, looking around at the empty house. He could see his memories as ghosts before him. The couch, where he and Liviana had drunk wine or soda’s and laughed, chatting into the early hours. Watched movies while it rained. The table, where they’d had dinner, played poker together, talked together and much more. He sighed heavily, his heart weighing down again. He felt like his chest was restricted. He looked away, pulling the duffel onto his shoulder and picking up a suitcase in each hand. He looked around again at the tidy house.
Would he ever return to this place?
While his eyes scanned the room, he saw the photo frame he had put aside before once again. He bit his lip, willing himself to not shed another tear.
He dropped the bags, walked over and dismantled the frame, taking the photo out. He again traced his fingers affectionately across the face of the woman in the photo, then folded it gently and put it in his breast pocket inside his jacket.
He would always keep her close to his heart.
He returned to the bags, picking them up once more and walking out the door.
The door closed behind him.
She sprinted across the streets, stopping the vehicles coming towards her, trying not to be killed before she reached it. She was so close. She knew it.
‘Rusty!’ She shouted excitedly, huffing as she clambered her way up the stairs to the front door, banging on it determinedly.
‘Rusty! Open up!’
She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face.
She banged again, waiting for him to open the door so she could greet him. She was panting, sweating, filthy and exhausted, but she didn’t care. She knew she had to tell him she was still alive.
The door wasn’t opening.
She waited a few seconds to catch some breath again.
She leant over to look into the window by the door. The curtain was mostly drawn shut, but through the gap, no lights or anything was on. No noise came from within the residence.
Something was wrong.
‘Rusty?’ Liviana looked around frantically.
Where the hell had he gone? Why would he even leave?
‘Rusty!’ She called again, though it was fruitless.
She searched around the house, but she knew it was going to have to be true.
He was gone.
Where, was the question?
She walked around again and saw something in the bushes by the door.
A ticket.
A train ticket.
She picked it up and left without another word.
The loud whistle pierced through the air and stung the eardrum. The smoke billowed around the trains in the station and the people walking through it. The platform was busy with people, saying goodbye’s and hello’s as the next train prepared to leave. Rusty walked along the side of the train, holding tightly to his bags. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to
leave Diamonds. This city was his home, his life… Losing the heart of life here made it harder for him to stay. He’d miss the cold weather, the mechanical workshops and innovations, the theatre, the city and the life of the people, the wings and the diversity.
He couldn’t stay. Not anymore.
He kept walking as the conductor announced boarding was now occurring. With a heavy feeling bearing down on his shoulders and an aching heart, he walked to one of the nearest doors, handing his bags to the page boy as the ticket-master waited.
‘Ticket please, Sir.’
Rusty nodded numbly, reaching into his pocket.
He scowled. Where was his ticket?
He prodded around the pocket some more, then began checking his other. He patted his jacket down and fumbled through the pockets, trying to find where he’d put it.
Someone shouted behind them.
He checked through his pockets again, then tried looking around his feet. The ticket-master looked at him impatiently and with a distrusting look.
'I'm sorry..' Rusty stammered, 'I.. I must have dropped it.'
The ticket-master rolled his eyes wearily.
More shouting, but this time, it was a little clearer.
Rusty checked all around him, looking at the other passengers with an apologetic smile.
The shout again. The name was clearer, the voice not so faint to the ear.
She was sprinting towards him from the road to the train station, barely a few metres from the entrance, waving the ticket in her hand.
Rusty stopped.
He knew that voice. Of course he did. Why was he hearing it? He shouldn't be. He barely glanced up before the voice came again.
'Rusty?! Rusty!!'
He stood up and looked in the direction of his name being called.
There, running towards him, trying to push through a crowd and waving her hand in the air, was Liviana.
His Livy.
She was alive?
'She's alive…' He murmured.
'Rusty!' She shouted again, grinning.
Rusty began to smile, the other passengers catching on and looking from the girl shouting his name to him.
'She's alive…' He grinned, 'She's alive…' He slowly began to move towards her, unbelieving, 'She's alive! LIVY, SHE'S ALIVE!'
One of the older ladies smiled, 'Go on lad! Go get her!'
The crowd began to cheer, moving apart to let Liviana through to run to Rusty.
The pair were running at full speed to each other, and s they neared, Rusty bent lower and scooped Liviana into his arms and twirled her around like a princess. He finally let her down, the two embracing in a tight embrace, not daring to let go. Rusty held her tightly, gently stroking her hair as he took in her perfume through the mud and blood staining her clothes, the smell of her hair and skin. He laughed gently, tears trickling down his face in joy. He let her go to look at her face. She was sobbing with joy, she smiled weakly as she looked at him with her shining eyes, gently rubbing his cheek.
'I thought you were dead.' He muttered, barely even able to believe this.
Liviana chuckled, 'Well, I'm not.'
The laughed, embracing once more and sobbing together.
After a few moments, Liviana moved back again.
'Rusty… I've been meaning to tell you something.'
He cocked an eyebrow curiously, heart racing.
She laughed, wiping his tears away, the grabbed his lapels and planted her lips on his.
He blushed with surprise as the crowd began to cheer, whistle and clap. He kissed her back and lifted her as he held her tightly in his arms, holding her close.
His wings outstretched to share his joys with everyone else, before folding up again.
He let her go for a moment, as she smiled and caught her breath.
'I love you, Rusty.'
He didn't bother replying, he pulled her in for another kiss.
It was answer enough.
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Re: Remember Me.

Post by Bang Your Drum » Tue 29th May 2012

Awwhhh that's really sweet!
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