Are you a writer? Want to share the pieces what you've written?
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Post by LEPreconGirl » Mon 2nd Apr 2012

(I'm sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but it made sense here. And if there are any issues with this sorry, but I'd asked in a previous post on 'Feedback' and got no issues :) )

Hello there! I am here today to start this hopefully fun collaboration. We all can read fanfics or original stories, no? What about listening? That's right, we're going to be recording what authors have wrote.

Basic Guidelines-

1. You must have permission to record an author/authoress's story. They created it. Please be polite.
2. If there is swearing in the story and the readers do not censor it, please post a warning.
3. The idea here is to have different people 'audition' for different character's parts, and have a narrator. Narrators are optional, but they may make things go more smoothly. Now, this can just be the author reading it or you can have many people working together. It's up to whoever starts the project.
4. If you'd like help for recording a story, please post both the story and characters available, and update it when parts are taken.
5. Send/post each person a 'script' of the dialog if you want to add in how you'd like them to sound, or a copy of the piece of writing that you've marked their parts on.
6. Do NOT record anything copyrighted, original works ONLY. With permission.
7. Follow any laws regarding copyright. Authors work hard. And do not include copyrighted music for, say, a soundtrack.
8. If it is found out something has violated a law, either that project or this topic will be taken down. Mods, if this creates legal issues feel free to lock it. I just can't find any.
9. I'd appreciate it if you did not sell or make money off of this. It is meant for entertainment purposes only.
10. Any questions post here and/or PM me or a mod (if it's something legal, I think they're better qualified to deal with it. Sorry to dump that on you mods, but you're far more qualified then me and better at this type of thing.)

Please note-
You will need recording equipment, such as a microphone(Some computers have them build in), and a way to give said recording to whoever is compiling it- Dropbox, e-mail, Mediafire are a few suggestions. If anyone doesn't have a way to put clips together, I suggest Audacity (It's free and everyone I ask, including me, is satisfied with it). Now, if you don't want to do that, feel free to PM me and I'll put it together for you.

Have an awesome time putting your own spin on things and making AWESOME recordings! ^^ (Cheesy but mean it.)
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Re: AudioFics

Post by Iris_Cam » Wed 18th Apr 2012

Cool. I *might* participate if I've got time and access to the netbook. If not, I give full permission to use any of my fanfiction. Excluding original stories(though I haven't got many).

This looks fun!
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