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Post by LEPreconGirl » Fri 30th Mar 2012

(Well... Nobody ever said human psychology made sense)

Not. Good. Enough. You are not good enough, you deserve to bleed and to never annoy people ever again so why don't you f*cking DIE already?! I stare down, somehow still empty, numb, filled with rage and tears and insecurities screaming to get out. The red blood, in stark contrast to my admittedly pale skin- Add that to the list of reasons you're an @**hole, you never do ANYTHING is slowly spreading, pooling and dripping to the floor. With shaky hands I replace the razor blade, washed clean by now, closing my eyes. It barely hurts. The real pain comes when it's just starting to heal and every little touch hurts. Reminds you what a horrible person you are The real pain comes when I finally admit to a worried friend that I'm not-quite-'emo'. Who you're amazed still talks to you When they stay up until one in the morning for a week straight just talking to me. More like listening to you being a whiny, self-centered idiotic b*tch Trying to get me to see that SOMEONE cares. Liar. When I find myself acting stupider, giving myself more to hide, retreating deeper into my shell Idiot. Nobody likes being around you when you act like that- Not that anyone liked you before. Or still likes you The real pain comes when, just for a day, I thought I may just be worth something. Like anyone would ever love you. Your parents just want you to get straight A's and be perfect And then you remember who, what I am. You are a f*cked up, self-centered, whiny, ugly, fat, stupid, miserable, frightened, show-off, bad at whatever you do, pretentious, bad-at-relationships, doesn't-know-when-to-shut-up, b*tchy @**hole who nobody really cares about. They're just too polite to say it to your face

But that's okay. I deserve it. I'd just never confess to it.
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caleb legend
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Re: Confessions

Post by caleb legend » Wed 30th Oct 2013

ok what is this thread about
dont mind me if your seeing this i am totally bored and gots nothing to do so dont mind me androcks taste good1

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Re: Confessions

Post by Solinium Pulse » Tue 23rd Sep 2014

There are so many things I need to confess, but it wouldn't do any good if I did confess.

Heh. It would only ruin everything.

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