Ghost Of Artemis Fowl

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Ghost Of Artemis Fowl

Post by MinnieXplayer » Wed 21st Dec 2011

This is one of my fics published on the fanfiction site, please tell me what you think of it!

Chapter One : Artemis Uses The Word Respect

Midnight Lacrimosa was bored.

She was an extremely intelligent girl; yet, nothing challenged her wits. She had no inspiration, at that moment, whether it be for writing, drawing, or composing; she was just bored.

Midnight was also a beautiful girl, but she didn’t feel beautiful that day. It was hot and languid; minutes seemed to go by as slowly as snails travelled a mile.

No, there was nothing unusual about this day.


Midnight got up from the shade in which she had been sitting, giving up any hope of finding a breeze. She felt slightly dizzy when getting up but quickly regained control of her body. She stretched out like a cat. From her mother, she got her slightly Asian features, her long, silky black hair and her hysteria. From her father, she got her large dark eyes framed by long lashes, her almost lazy elegance, her complex, intelligent mind as well as her pale skin.

Her butler had insisted that Midnight stay outside for a while, but she hated the sunlight. She wasn’t made for it. But seeing as her butler was legally in charge of her, she had to do as he said… for now. In five years, she would have all the freedom she wanted. But for the moment, she had to obey the orders of adults.

But she was a rebellious girl. She had extreme difficulties following orders. That’s why she walked casually into the house, observing everything like she could see every imperfection in it.

“I thought I told you to stay outside,” her old butler said sternly.

“I got sick of it,” she replied curtly, “I can never think properly and my head aches. Too much sun is bad for the skin and it is dehydrating.” She paused, then added; “And I was bored. I had nothing to do.”

“You brought out books,” he protested, “and you could just relax in the sun.”

“I have read all my books before, and as I mentioned before, I can’t concentrate on anything. Relaxing, like you suggested, isn’t like me, is it?”

He shook his head as she strutted off, used to her furious caprices. He couldn’t tell her to go back out, not after she had given him all the valid reasons why she didn’t want to stay out there. This arrogance was so much like her father.

As Midnight walked lazily along the corridors, she noticed something odd. A door, ajar.

“Unusual,” she muttered under her breath.

“Look… door…”

She froze.

Hearing voices?

She regained countenance. How clichéd, she scoffed. She shook her head in disbelief and walked on with determination.

“No… stupid… door!” The voice repeated with insistence.

She came to a halt again.

That was definitely not a hallucination.

She walked back towards the door.

“Yes… good… door… finally…”

“Who’re you to call me stupid?” She murmured.

Everything fell silent. It was almost funny, actually, like a rubbish old horror movie; why don’t you look behind this door, little girl. Even the déco was right, she just needed the scary music and the red lighting.

She waited for a few moments then pronounced out loud, nearly laughing at her own stupidity;

“Because I’m a reckless girl who’s afraid of nothing, I’ll look behind the stupid door.”

She pushed it open… and received a load of dust in her face.

Falling to her knees in an instinctive effort to find clear air, she could still see a sort of… void, a never ending darkness behind the door. This truly frightened her and she inched away from the door.


Help us…


Don’t go…

Voices again?

“Go away,” she coughed.

There was screaming as she put all of her weight against the door and closed it.


Don’t leave us…

Come back…

She spluttered and leant against the piece of wood.

“Finally,” an annoyed voice said behind her, “was it really so hard just to open the door? I’ve been stuck in there for almost two years!”

Having finally cleared her lungs of all the luck, she jumped up, rather angry, without even looking at who she was speaking to.

“In case you didn’t know, in my world, it’s generally means you’re completely mad of you start hearing voices!” She said hotly.

The pale figure coughed embarrassedly and Midnight was able to see him properly for the first time.

He was only slightly transparent, but still coloured. He was wearing a suit and was around Midnight’s age. He was a good ten centimetres taller than she was. He had large blue eyes, very blue. He had neat dark hair, as dark as Midnight’s and finely chiselled features. He was a very handsome boy, but it was somewhat ruined by the fact that he was scowling with slender eyebrows.

“And you are?” She asked with contempt.

“I might ask you the same question,” he said huffily. He had obviously not forgiven her for her victory a few seconds earlier.

“Stop being a child,” she scorned, “this is an immature reaction. We’ll get nowhere if we play this game. And I’m going to win, so don’t even try.”

The boy was obviously dumbstruck. Midnight had that effect on people; she was able to justify her reasons so well that the person she was speaking to could not help but agree. He rapidly regained his frown, though.

“Artemis Fowl the II. Now, if her majesty the Queen might go so far as to tell me her name…”

“Countess Midnight Lacrimosa.”

“Really? I thought you were the queen,” he said sarcastically.

Midnight looked at him, brows furrowed in concentration.

“You’re a ghost,” she finally proclaimed. Artemis clapped his hands over his mouth.

“Am I really? Shock! Horror!” He mocked.

She glared at him. It should have been enough to make him cower, but unlike all other people, he held her flaming gaze, defiantly and confidently.

“Shut up. What are you doing here? What was that thing?” She asked, gesturing towards the door.

“That is none of your concern,” he answered coldly.

“Fine,” she snapped haughtily and began strutting away, swishing her long hair in her arrogant manner that generally left people mouth open. She ignored his exclamations of protest, but when it persisted, she whipped around angrily.

“Go back to your closet, Casper! Stop following me around!” She threw at him.

“You think this is a choice?” He laughed incredulously. “How vain. I can’t get away from you!”

“What do you mean you can’t get away from me?” She hissed.

“Exactly what I say! Look!” He tried walking away a few paces, but could only enlargen the distance between them of about one metre.

“Oh great!” She said, exasperated. “What do I do now?”

“I don’t know, you’re the genius around here!” He said with an artificial laugh.

She stared furiously at him, then said, infuriated;

“Come on!”

She marched to her sumptuous room and closed the door. Trying to ward off a bit of her anger, she threw a pillow about. When it touched Artemis, she was delighted to see him shiver and made sure to “accidentally” hit him.

When she felt better, she sat at her computer and played a game. Artemis tossed his head.

“How juvenile,” he muttered.

But Midnight paid no attention to him. She typed a story, listened to music. She could feel that Artemis was getting more and more offended and was happy about it.

At last, he exclaimed;

“Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Downloading some music,” she said coolly.

“Have you forgotten I exist, or what?”

Knowing it would anger him, she answered smugly;

“A little, yes. You’re more like a piece of furniture to me.” This was a further insult, because Artemis, she had already guessed, was a formidable presence.

“How dare you!” He gasped.

“You’re a ghost, what do you expect?”

“Respect!” He yelled. “I may be a ghost, but I have human feelings!”

“Oh, yes, like queen Elizabeth I; I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king!” She smirked.

In other words, she was telling him he looked like a girl.

Artemis seemed to have reached his limit. A window exploded and he was white with fury. His fists were squeezed together so much that the knuckles were whiter than his face.

“That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m going!” He marched out of the room and there was silence, but before, he whipped around and said;

“I’ve never met someone as arrogant and as you in my entire life! No one has ever managed to anger me like this! I promise you, Midnight, you don’t want me as your enemy!” He said in a death tone. Then, he turned around and disappeared.

“Then go, you idiotic, immature little boy!” She yelled after him.

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Re: Ghost Of Artemis Fowl

Post by That Chick2 » Wed 22nd Feb 2012

I know this is saved for FF but UPDATE!

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Re: Ghost Of Artemis Fowl

Post by BoboParadizo » Wed 22nd Feb 2012

Yay! I'm glad you posted it here. Even if you deleted (<--Did you?) it from FF, I actually liked it. Nice job! :D

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