Blood and Mirrors

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Blood and Mirrors

Post by Iris_Cam » Sun 20th Nov 2011

I'm just trying out the abstract style.... I guess I achieved abstract but failed epic-ly at making sense.

Angeline Fowl was tired. So, so tired. Her limbs were heavy, but her eyes were still open, for her mind refused to go to sleep. Why?

The full length mirror stood, glimmering. Ignoring the fatigue in her diseased body, she crawled out of bed. For a moment, a precious second, her reflection seemed to change, fleetingly, into a man. His athletic body looked warm and inviting, even in the formal suit he was in.


I must look good for him. I must put on make-up, I must, I must....

Stumbling into the bathroom, the sentence repeats in her mind, a haunting reminder of who she once was. Her thin, frail, hands clutch the mascara wand, and she does not see the ghost of a woman who peers out of the mirror. Instead, she sees the bride, on her wedding day. The reflection of the white nightgown with ragged holes is replaced by the image of the pure white traditional wedding dress. Her wedding gown. She settles down on the chaise lounge in her bedroom, and a door swings open, revealing the boy in the suit.

"How are you feeling, Mother?"

There was a note of concern in his voice.

"Timmy! Why, you naughty man. Come, have a seat! Oh, and have you seen Arty?" Angeline's face wore a misty look, clearly lost in the haze of time, as her son step out of the mirror. Only now, she realised it wasn't the mirror. Of course, she had dragged the mirror into the bathroom. It was the door.


No! I refuse to believe it! This is Timmy!

"Mother... You look ill. Have you got a fever?"

"Timmy, Timmy, come to me!" she hears her giggle as a dainty tinkle. In truth, it was more of a shriek of a banshee. She kept right on laughing until the silhouette of Artemis shifted into a dark figure with a white mask above his face, and fangs.

Her giggling became screaming and sobbing.

"Timmy, Timmy, Arty, why did you leave me alone with this stranger? He is the Phantom!"

"Now, now, Mother." Artemis is desperately trying to calm his now hysterical mother down. His heart ached at the thought of the vital, loving woman that was Angeline Fowl. Now, she looked like a scary spirit, with ghost-pale skin and haunted eyes, sunk into their sockets. The eyeliner and the mascara certainly added to the banshee look. It was horrible to admit that this was Angeline Fowl, the same Angeline Fowl that had been the star of the room at the New Year's Eve party just a few months ago.

Was it her imagination, or the word 'Mother' seems to be spoken with a hint of malice?

"No! Don't touch me! You're not... You're not my son! I'll... I'll call the police!"

Angeline let out a high, keening sound. Her son, shoulders hunch, moved out of the room.

As the door shut, she turns back to the mirror.

"You lying mirror!"

A crash as the mirror shatters, under her fists. Shards of glass cut her delicate, bony hands, and splinters hurt her wrists, but she is intent on destroying the mirror.

Arty opened the door again. He inhaled sharply as his eyes caught sight of the blood and mirrors...

Blood and mirrors.

That was her last thought, as the narcotics sends her to sleep, delicious sleep.

Artemis tried to restrain the tears in his eyes as he watched his mother drink the drug-laced glass of water. Sleep was the safest for Angeline Fowl.
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Re: Blood and Mirrors

Post by Cleo » Wed 23rd Nov 2011

Iris_Cam wrote:I'm just trying out the abstract style.... I guess I achieved abstract but failed epic-ly at making sense.
I love it! :awesome:

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Re: Blood and Mirrors

Post by Ash Kelp » Fri 27th Jan 2012

Perfect capture of angeline in the first book.
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Re: Blood and Mirrors

Post by Randomosity » Wed 13th Jun 2012

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Re: Blood and Mirrors

Post by Skyswallow » Sun 1st Jul 2012

I agree. Please tell me, what else happens? I wanna read!
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