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Cookieninja Presents Bits of Her Writing

Post by cookieninja » Wed 20th Jul 2011

Hey guys!
So I know I haven't been around lately at all, and it's just because Tumblr has basically came in and taken over my life. I'm going to try and show up more often than not, and I decided that since I was away for so long, you guys probably deserve to see my writing, because... I haven't been a very attentive FGer. So this is something I wrote last night, and I think I`m going to end up turning it into a whole book. So enjoy.
When your brother tells you at the age of six that a terrifying monster lives in your closet, you don’t brush it off. You don’t think it’s stupid, and you don’t think it’s impossible. You imagine a seven foot tall beast, with sharp teeth, and slime covering its skin. Its eyes glow yellow, and it only lives to kill, to maim and hurt you. Of course, being so young you think it’s impossible to chase the monster out, and make sure it doesn’t bother you. That’s preposterous; you’re much too small for that. So, how do you chase that monster away?

When your mother tucks you into bed at night, you tell her that you’re afraid of the monster under your closet, or under your bed. She smiles at you, and does one of two things: she either tells you there’s no such thing as monsters or she immediately checks the closet. If she tells you that there’s no such thing, you look at her and ask her again. She’s not a kid, how could she know. The monsters don’t bother her at night.

So your adoring mother checks the closet, and looks at you with kind eyes. She finishes tucking you in and says I love you. Then she leaves, and you fall asleep with no complaint. There are no monsters in your closet, she checked. After all, she’s always right. Your mom will always protect you, no matter what happens.

Now take a second and think of the situation with the monster again. Think about how frightening your imagination has made it. Picture you waiting in your bed and staring at the closet. No one comes to tuck you in at night. You don’t have a mother, and your father surely doesn’t care. He’s probably not even awake anyway, no matter how much you poked his shoulder, and asked him to come check for the monster in your closet. He just kept on sleeping. Then when you ask your brother for help, he laughs at you and calls you a stupid kid. You cross your arms and say he’s still a kid too. He may be ten, but he’s not an adult and he certainly won’t tuck you in and tell you monsters aren’t real.

When you sit and your bed, covers pulled up as far as they go, eyes shut tight, your thoughts won’t stop wondering about the monster in the closet, waiting until you fall asleep to snatch you from your bed. You fall asleep with that picture in your head, and it doesn’t disappear until a year later, when you’re a little older, and finally think that the monster will never bother you again.
Your mother never did it for you.

Now, freeze.

This picture is completely over now. You’re probably stuck wondering what that was all about. Why do you want to drag the terrors up from a six year old child’s mind?
The answer is simple my dear reader. I’m trying to make you relate to the tale I’m about to weave from you. I want you to appreciate the strings that make up the story, make sure you get what I’m about to tell you. The point of imagining you as a six year old child again, in both those situations, can be contained in three points.

1. This story begins with a six year old child by the name of Lilaith.
2. This story is about a child’s imagination, and the lengths it can go to.
3. This story does not contain a mother who waved the imaginary monsters of a six year old child away. It contains no mother at all.

Are you still with me? Will you join me while I speak about imagination?

Let’s get started.

Children have one of the most beautiful minds you can imagine. They are not geniuses, except for a select few, so they are often ignorant about the world around them. That leaves so much more room for the imagination to reach. There are no restrictions of ‘oh that isn’t possible’. They invent things that adults and teenagers cannot seem to conceive. When you’re young, the image of a dragon and your handsome prince doesn’t seem so far off. As a child, you think these wondrous things can happen, only because you don’t know any better.

One thing that you often find sprouting out of a child’s mind is an imaginary friend. Imaginary friends give the child someone they can control and relate to. Suddenly there is someone who is going to go along with whatever plans they want, someone that will be there whenever they need them. They become a kid’s best friend.
Now, when a child grows up, they slowly start to leave this imaginary friend. They go to school and find new friends to occupy themselves with, until the friend is a distant memory. It’s as if it never existed as was believed in the first place. The parents relax, knowing that their child won’t hang onto a friend no one else can see for much longer.

On a very rare occasion, the friend sticks around longer than intended. Then the parents have to step in, and tell their kid that ‘no, Amanda isn’t real’. But stop and think for a second. What if the child refused to let go of her imaginary friend? What if there was no parent to intervene? What if the older brother left before he got the chance to tell her that her friend isn’t real, and her father just didn’t care.
This friends, is what happened in Lilaith’s case. There was no one to tell her that the friends she had weren’t real. Whenever she got home from school, she would go off into this magical, imaginary world, a world that she thought would continue on and on. This world was filled with people who paid attention when she asked them a question, people who stuck around when her brother left.

They only left themselves when they were forced out. They finally left when she was begging for them to say. Then finally, she forgot, like most children do when they lose their imaginary friends. Only, they came back in the most unexpected way.
This is Lilaith’s mind from age six to ten, and her life from age fifteen on. Do you dare to enter the maze?

No? Put the pages down.

Yes? Step in, and don’t get lost now.
So it hasn`t been edited or anything, but there you go!
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Re: A little bit from my writings...

Post by Wolfie » Wed 20th Jul 2011

Wow thats really really awesome and sounds extremely interesting :D ! I would definitely read that book :D ! Your really good at writing and you have a really nice style :) Can't wait for the next installment :D or will i have to buy it from a store? XD
Image Image Image I thought why not, everyone elses look really cool :)
:DMake sure that you smile every day, to show the world that it hasn't beaten you yet :D
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:D Team Artemis :D

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Re: A little bit from my writings...

Post by cookieninja » Thu 21st Jul 2011

Thanks very much. I wasn't sure what to think of it, I usually don't write like this, but I'm trying to write the whole book from a different perspective, kind of similar to the one in The Book Theif, only a touch different.
I think I'll post more. Already got another 600 words for my first chapter.
The best comedy around. Monty Python. Please, don't hesitate to look them up.
Number One Rule of the World wrote:Something goes wrong? Blame Pete Wentz.
Wentz not available? Blame Gabe Saporta.

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Re: A little bit from my writings...

Post by Shadow Light » Thu 21st Jul 2011

I see you're still alive and as amazing as ever, my favourite stealthy little cookie monster. ;P

How have things been? I've missed you. :3

Post. More. Like. Now.
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Re: A little bit from my writings...

Post by cookieninja » Thu 28th Jul 2011

Yes, I am hoping I am alive. It would suck if I wasn't.
I kind of have more written of this story now, but I stayed up all night writing 11,000 words of something that will never see the light of day until next... April maybe.
Since I mentioned it, I have to say it is genBandfic (and a mega huge messed up AU), and I will not be posting it here, but maybe at this thing next year I will. And again, I already posted these in the Quotes thread, but I guess this counts as my writing, so I can put it here, with little comments on each scene. The comments are below the quote.
“Yes well,” she got off her stool, the legs of it loudly scraping on the floor. “How about I make you a drink, and pretend I screwed it up. Then I’ll make sure I write down to never date anybody named Spencer Smith.”
“I don’t think there are any girls named Spencer.”
“You never know, unisex names are big right now.”

This scene is where Ryan is talking to Tiana about how Brendon and Spencer came and talked to him, even though he thinks Spencer is a total... jerk.

Before he could say anything else, he heard Ryan’s drawl from behind him. “I swear Tiana, if you play anymore Misfits in here I will destroy you.”
Tiana flipped her hair. “Oooh, open threats now Ross. Well if you continue to insult the genius of the Misfits, I will drown you in the terror you faced when you insulted Anti-Flag.”
A look of horror appeared on Ryan’s face. Brendon looked back and forth between the two and bounced up on his toes. “What happened last time?”
The girl laughed for the millionth time that night. “I made him confront the talentless singing of Johnny Rotten for his whole shift. He was writhing around like it was torture.”
“I didn’t,” Ryan walked behind the counter and started rearranging some containers.
“Oldest on the shift picks the music Ryan.”
“It’s not like that when Gabe’s around,” Ryan turned around, crossed his arms and glared at her.
“That’s because we would all feel like we were on acid.”
Basically the first interaction between Ryan and Tiana Spencer sees. He's rather confused by it too. I also love working with Ryan being a music snob and not liking the Misfits, The Sex Pistols or Anti-Flag. You don't like punk, do you Ryan?
Also the... second time Gabe's mentioned I think. He wasn't originally supposed to show up in the story, but he did anyways. Then he went from being Minor to a semi Major player. He's important in the Ryan and Tiana friendship though. I bet you think he's crazy. Tiana does too. Calls him a looney a few times in an earlier scene. Along with Ryland, who shows up later.

“The is a problem my dear. You were going to steal my prey. No one should encroach on the hunter’s territory.”
Tiana laughed, “What can I do for you Gabe?”
The man, Gabe, raised an eyebrow. “Learn Spanish? Change your gender preference? Introduce me to these rather attractive youngsters right here?”
Tiana is telling Gabe how she thought William was a girl and she almost tried to hit on him. This is what happens dirrectly after that block of text.
Also, the first show of Gabe's personality, yipee. He really is... Ridiculous my god. Especially the way Bandom puts him.

“Hey! It’s legal.”
Tiana rolled her eyes. “Tell me William, has he scarred you for life yet?”
William shook his head rather quickly. “No, I don’t think he will.”
“Give it time young Jedi, the day will come.”
William acting like an innocent teenager and Tiana is trying to warn him about how Gabe likes to corrupt people.
As if reading his mind, Gabe flung an arm around Spencer’s shoulder’s. “We didn’t really meet before, eh. What a way to meet–”
“Emergency rooms. Providing a social environment since 1971.” Tiana chimed in.

Depressing emergency room scene. Honesly, it isn't that depressing itself. It's still heavy with emotion, with a little bit of humour like this tossed it. But the scene is nothing compared to the events before it, or what they just finished talking about only moments earlier. So much emotion.
“Honestly, you sound more American than I do. And where did Gabriel get a baseball bat?”
Tiana looked down at the bat, confused for a second. “I’m not–”
“I think a cricket bat would be more suitable.”
Tiana honestly growled at him. “You’re just lucky it’s not a gun.”
This is my favourite scene, and the reason I don't want to make this into original ficition, because I would lose this whole thing. There's a lot of need to know bandom stuff mixed in to make it work, and I honestly couldn't.
So, anyways, the background to this scene has to do with Ryland always coming to the coffee shop and trying to get Tiana (who's British) to help him with his British accent so he can become a reporter for the BBC named Guy Ripley. She thinks he's crazy. So he let's himself into Gabe's apartment with his key and finds her sleeping on the floor. She freaks out startes swearing at him, and grabs the nearest thing, which is a baseball bat.
Ryland looked over at the pull out bed, where one of the figured was sitting there staring at the spectacle before him. “Why hello Gabriel’s little friend Ryan. You don’t look so well.”
“Hi Guy.”
Tiana shot a glare at Ryan. “Don’t encourage this rubbish.” Ryan just shrugged. Beside him, Spencer looked up at his bruised friend through half open eyelids. “What’s going on?” he asked in not so many words.
Ryan shrugged again. “Ryland’s here, but he’s acting all British so Tiana’s threatening him with a mystery baseball bat.”
Spencer sat up and rubbed his eyes. “You say that like its normal.”
“It kind of is.”
Ryan wakes up on the pull out couch during the whole Ryland/Guy vs. Tiana confrontation. Spencer afterwards. You kind of get the feeling that umm... Ryan puts up with a whole lot of crazy. I have to change his reaction here, but I might not still.
“What now… Oh hey Ryland.”
Ryland feigned confusion and stuck to his accent. “I take it as a compliment that your comparing me, Guy Ripley, to the handsome Ryland Blackinton.”
Gabe grinned. “Guy.”
“Hey, where did I get a baseball bat?” Gabe said finally taking notice of the weapon that Tiana was pointing at his friend.
Now Gabe wakes up and walks in on the confrontation. The mystery baseball bat seems to be a reoccuring theme. Part of the humor of this scene.
I swear Guy actually said something like this in real life. I THINK it was when he was comparing Ryland Blackinton and Micheal Guy Chislett's guitar playing when he did the Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour Coverage. Or maybe it was Warped.
This Gabriel, Guy thing is actually from a Guy and Gabe interview too. It's actually really hilarious.

Guy looked at him with interest. “Oh so you’re the William Gabriel’s been going on about. So tell me William, Will, Bill, Bilvy, how old are you? Or better yet, what’s the sexual age of consent and how is Gabriel violating it? It could make a smashing good scandal.”
A girl William recognized as Tiana from the coffee shop advanced on this Guy person with a baseball bat. “I’ll tell you what else would make a smashing good scandal."
Now William walks in on the confrontation and is questioned by Guy/Ryland. The whole thing with the 'sexual age of consent' is that William's younger than Gabe by a few years. It's still legal though. That's where the "Hey, it's still legal" comment comes in way above.
This is actually may favourite quote I think. It was the whole reason the Tiana vs. Guy/Ryland scene was born, and honestly, after all the heavy stuff I put in my story, it's a nice start to something else. But I absolutley love Guy's question to Willam and Tiana's responce.

Ones I didn't include in the quotes thread. Hey, this is my thread, so deal.
Don’t do it Brendon. Spencer glared at his friend trying to send him messages with the sheer power of his brain. Don’t invite her, don’t invite her, don’t invite her. Brendon obviously didn’t see the looks aimed at him, or just didn’t care, because the next thing he knew –
“Would you like to come?”
He invited her.
This is Spencer not liking Tiana very much, basically because she's Ryan's best friend and he wants to be Ryan's friend, even though he didn;t want to in the beginning. Still doesn't know why he wants too.
Spencer really is annoying in the beginning of this story. He's just hard to write in the beginning because he's so stubborn. God.

Instead of introducing himself, Gabe turned around and quickly made his way towards Ryan, who backed up into the counter quickly. Gabe took no notice and grabbed the boy into a hug. “Ryan, I didn’t see you there. You must have been turned sideways.”
Spencer could barely see Ryan rolling his eyes. “Stop it with the thin jokes and introduce me.”
Gabe let Ryan go. “Cold Ross, cold.” He feigned a sniff. Spencer could see Tiana laughing silently out of the corner of her eye, her fists banging on the table. Everyone here is crazy, he thought to himself. Brendon didn’t seem to agree. He had a smile on like it was the time of his life. But then again, he looked like that a lot.
More of Spencer being annoying to write and really stubborn. He doesn't really like Ryan's friends now does he.
You should,” she replied, slowly backing out of where the car was parked. Once they were driving, Spencer could hear a song he vaguely recognized playing from the speakers. “Oooh, Tumbling Dice Ross. I’ve taught you so well, I could tear up.”
Ryan just grinned at her and shoved her shoulder. “Shut up.”
“I will not. This is momentous occasion. Statues should be erected, confetti thrown, party hats worn.”
Ryan just groaned and slouched back in his seat. Spencer looked between the two. They had a much closer friendship then he had first assumed. They made an unlikely pair by looks. He couldn’t even wonder how they had even started to grow close. She looked like the people he would assume Ryan just tolerated and never thought to make friends with. There had to be something else going on.
Nice Ryan and Tiana friendship, along with when Spencer becomes less annoying to right. It like this, because Tiana and Ryan are apart in age by one or two years (haven't decided yet) and Spencer starts to realize that there's something more going on.
“She smiled at him. “I’m going to be gone soon, so he needs someone else to trust. And I like you Spencer, you are totally a marshmallow under all that.”
“Hey,” he started, before he stopped at her laughter.
She turned around and picked up her iPod. “Take that as a compliment kid.”
Spencer felt a smile starting to come to life and he let it. “I’m not that much younger than you.”
She turned around quickly and patted his cheek before he could protest. “That’s the spirit,” she said, with a huge smile on her face. “You like blink-182?”
“I like chips. I love blink-182.”
“You and Ryan are going to get along just fine,” she said, before Dysentery Gary started blaring through the speakers.
This is after a HUGE confrontation scene between Tiana and Spencer, where she talks about trust issues. He also starts to actually like Tiana after this. Plus the "I like chips." line makes me smile. And when Tiana acts all motherly and pats Spencer's cheek.
They all climbed out of the car, Spencer and Brendon heading straight for the house with the bag of candy and stopping at the door to wait. Ryan waited for Tiana to round the front of the car and find him, clutching the box under her arm. Even though Spencer had barely known him, he could tell Ryan was a little bit wary to go into his house. He relaxed a bit when Tiana whispered in his ear and grabbed his hand, pulling him along. Spencer had to admit, all the dislike he had earlier for the girl was going down the drain, just because of the way she was with Ryan. She obviously knew how to read his thoughts and deal with them. Tiana was to Ryan like what Brendon was to Spencer, and he wasn’t starting to mind that being friends with Ryan carried another person with it.
Honestly I love this paragraph. It's quite awkwardly worded, but I had a hard time getting across my point. It's where Spencer starts to realize that under all the joking, Ryan actually relies on Tiana a lot. Revalation paragraph ooooh.
“Yeah,” Spencer said, and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. They got to the living room, and found Brendon, who looked like he was making out with the black couch. “Well, Brendon’s obviously very taken with the couch –”
“Love of my life Spencer Smith.”
“–So there’s a couple chairs, and I can take the floor.”
In all honesty, I like this part because I finally tried to write in more of Brendon's personality. I mostly focus on Spencer, Ryan, Tiana, and Gabe in this story, and I actually wasn;t really planning to. The beginning of the story (which hasn't quite been written) has much more Brendon in it. The second half... not so much.
She talked into the hallway before Spencer spoke up. “Hey Tiana?”
“How did you get Ryan to trust you do well?”
He heard a sharp intake of breath, and it was a minute before she answered. “Scars may not be hard to hide, but he was the first one who noticed.”
This. This spawned probably about a good thousand words of story, especially the thing Tiana says about scars. After Spencer realizes what she's talking about, he finally starts to get the realtionship between Ryan and Tiana more, and he gets how much they rely on each other. I haven;t even reached the point where she explains this in depth to Spencer.
Spencer heard an “I’m sorry,” in between them.
“Why are you sorry?”
“Because, you were probably busy. I’m just avburden on everyone. I don’t even know why you want to be friends.”
Spencer took a slow breath in and out and tightened the grip on Ryan’s shoulders. “You’re not a burden. I’m friends with you because I like you. So does Brendon.”
The sobbing stopped. “I’m just a burden on Tee then. She feels like she has to help me.”
“No she doesn’t. She loves you like a brother.” Spencer barely knew them both, but Tiana gave out the biggest protective sisterly vibes when she’s with Ryan.

This is where the real intense emotional stuff starts to show. Spencer seeing how wear Ryan is, and again, how much he relys on Tiana, but still feels insecure about the relationship. Just insecure about everything.

Spencer bit his lip and tried to figure out what he was going to say. Then he finally said “I don’t just care about Ryan. I care about you to. You obviously need all the caring you can get.”
Tiana sat up straight and looked at him. “Your right you know. Ever since my grandma died I have had Gabe and Ryan actually take the time to worry about my life sometimes and that’s it. And I guess now you, and probably Brendon.”
Spencer laughed. “Definitely Brendon.”
She smiled at him, and Spencer could see red, tired eyes. “Funny old world we live in eh Spence.”
Before Spencer could say a simple ‘yeah’, Gabe came walking angrily through the sliding emergency room doors. He looked utterly ridiculous in a purple hoodie, and clear rainbow glasses, but it didn’t still didn’t let him look any less angry. He looked like he was ready to rip someone in half.

THIS SCENE. God. This whole scene is just beautiful. This is just after Tiana explains a WHOLE lot of stuff to Spencer, and he tells her basically he can be trusted too. And that she still needs to be cared for, as much as Ryan does, because he gets that she has issues too.
Also, this is the point where Gabe finally comes into play as caring about Ryan but showing it in a different way. It wasn't originally suppose to play out like that, but I decided that usually in bandom, Gabe doesn't get that role. Meh. He is quite a looney in real life, if you watch interviews and such.

Tiana’s hand found its way over to his shoulder. “Don’t let down your guard Spencer. Gabe’s a real looney.”
Gabe laughed beside him. “Estoy orgulloso de esta querida. Usted no es exactamente su sano juicio mismo.”
“I still don’t know Spanish.”
Usually in bandom Gabe speaks in Spanish every so often just to confuse people, so I grabbed a translator and attempted to plug it in there. I don;t know if it's right, so don't try and go translate it or you may be confused.

ALL RIGHT. So I basically did everything worth quoting that's generally appropriate. Geez, now I want to re write this whold thing just so I can post it here for you guys. But then I would have to leave a lot out. That's all I can really quote for now. Maybe if I come up with something more, I'll show it to you again.
The best comedy around. Monty Python. Please, don't hesitate to look them up.
Number One Rule of the World wrote:Something goes wrong? Blame Pete Wentz.
Wentz not available? Blame Gabe Saporta.

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