Fan Fiction Writers...Good News!!

Are you a writer? Want to share the pieces what you've written?
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Fan Fiction Writers...Good News!!

Post by 00Darkangel00 » Wed 22nd Aug 2007

For anyone who’s interested, If you write a AF based romance with a Holly/Artemis pairing, you can e-mail it to me ( I’ll email your rating back to you, and the top 3 will be featured in the DA newsletter appearing in October.

1-Explicit Language IS accepted, as long as a warning is posted before the actual reading material

2-It MUST be a Holly/Artemis pairing. This pairing is chosen because it allows for a more creative flow and adds consistancy to the story. The theme of the newsletter is creative develpoments in fantasy-romance, and this couple is the best suited.

3-Your name and e-mail addess must be included at the end of the story. Otherwise you will not be contacted or you will not receive recognition for your story.

4-No sexual references are allowed.

5-The story does not have to be extremely long, but must be at least 350 words.

6-Please give the story a title. Trust me, You don't want me to have to make one up for you.

Note:Failure to comply to rules may result in no notice or grading. You might, however recieve a letter with the story re-attached and a note saying which rules the content has not followed. If you wish, you may fix the story and re-send it. This depends to which extremity of rules it has broken.

Please send before October 4th. I will announce the winners as soon as possible. I will also send the winners a copy of the newsletter in which their story has been posted.

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Re: Fan Fiction Writers...Good News!!

Post by MMK » Wed 22nd Aug 2007

the top 3 will be featured in the DA newsletter appearing in October.

What is the DA newsletter?

Oh, and I'm moving this topic into the fanfiction section.

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Re: Fan Fiction Writers...Good News!!

Post by 1hollyfan » Fri 7th Sep 2007

ive already stared mine yeah!
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