Ways to get kicked out of walmart

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Ways to get kicked out of walmart

Post by firebat12 » Mon 7th Nov 2011

I got this from another forum so enjoy

So you are a troublemaker!
You just got kicked out of walmart.
Question is how ?
Did you vandlize,criticize,humilate,hack,or something else.

EX:take a hammer to the soda section and put some mentos in cokes and play mentos-coke-hammer golf.
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Re: Ways to get kicked out of walmart

Post by M. Fowl » Mon 7th Nov 2011

Why are you wearing a costume?
It's Halloween of course!
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Re: Ways to get kicked out of walmart

Post by Amber Root » Mon 7th Nov 2011

Dress up as Barney, start to sing. Pretend to die infront of little kids. >_<
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