I can't use SB

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I can't use SB

Post by Felina » Sat 4th May 2013

Since I can't post in announcements, I'll say it here. A hacker came to the site. And started spamming in the SB. I keeled the SB. Will be fixed as soon as AA and Byddie get rid of the hacker.

~Kitty the Mod
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Re: I can't use SB

Post by Solinium Pulse » Sun 5th May 2013

You did a great job, Kitty. Thank you.

D*** you, hackers!

--Solinium (Murderous Mode Activated) DX

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Re: I can't use SB

Post by Iris » Sun 5th May 2013


The link to the sb from the Fangathering DeviantART group~
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Re: I can't use SB

Post by Falcon! » Mon 6th May 2013

Augh, the price to pay for having a nice SB. Curse yoo, hackers. Curses upon you :P
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