FG Groups?

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FG Groups?

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Sun 24th Feb 2013

On other forums I have been on (plus deviantART and Facebook), there have been systems to create group pages, where the creators can post little updates about things related to the group. Since the Clubs subforum has died, maybe do a system like dA or FB's?
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Re: FG Groups?

Post by Skyswallow » Sun 24th Feb 2013

Well, we have the AF land thing. But that's kinda dead (it has been for months, I don't know if it's even happened since you came on?) and we need to get the mods to restart that :) But we can use PMs and TOTT for that, I guess? And also siggies (to reflect fandoms)? So we dun really need groups :)
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