A Reminder About Language

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A Reminder About Language

Post by jsreed5 » Fri 12th Oct 2012

I should preface this post by saying that I myself have not been the best about this. But I'm trying to improve myself, and I've seen a big spike in this recently, so I think it needs to be addressed.
This also does not apply to the Fiction/RP section of the site, since it's often used for dramatic effect in a story, which is fine in my view.

As of late, there's been a big jump in the amount of coarse language that has been used on Fangathering. While it's not entirely unexpected to see some starred-out words in threads like Vent Here, I've seed words like damn show up in many different forum games, and even the Vent Here thread has some posts containing uncensored forms of s*** and f***.
Such language has also begun to appear quite frequently in the shoutbox. I know that really bad users are dealt with in a timely fashion, but if anywhere should be kept the cleanest, it should be the shoutbox, since that's the first impression of our community a visitor gets.

The feelings behind these words are not always unwarranted. But if you insist on using them, at least star them out, and it's best to not use them at all. If you want to let it all loose, I'd recommend PMing it to someone you trust. We have members of all ages here, and I feel that we should hold ourselves to such a standard that a parent browsing through the site would approve of a young child frequenting it.
By the way, guys, using the uncensored word and throwing a spoiler over it is NOT sufficient. When Google indexes the pages on the forum, it can see past the spoiler, and so the word can still show up in a search result for the site.

Normally I'd just let something like this go, becuase I personally have no objection to such language. But having a job tutoring young children has really raised my conscience about how others perceive language. Just a few days ago I discovered that one of the kids I tutor can't say the word "breast" becuase his parents have taught him that that's a "bad" word. One word that can seem perfectly harmless to one person can be quite offensive to another, and people need to remember that.

Like I said, I've been guilty of impolite conversation before, but I'm trying to change that. When you're posting on here, remember that what you say IS public and can be read by anyone, whether or not they are a member of the site. So be mindful, and be courteous.

That is all.

Love yo faces,
- Reed

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