Monthly Poll - November 2020

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What is your favorite one-liner from the first Artemis Fowl book?

Poll ended at Wed 16th Dec 2020

"I don't like lollipops"
“Let us proceed under the assumption that the fairy folk do exist, and that I am not a gibbering moron.”
“Stay back, human. You don't know what you're dealing with.”
“Shut up, Julius! I mean, quiet a moment, Commander.”
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Monthly Poll - November 2020

Post by Battery » Mon 16th Nov 2020

Hey all! Sorry this one is coming a bit late in the month! This month, we thought it would be fun to talk about what your favorite one-liner is from the first Artemis Fowl book, and what you love about it. You can choose from the options we gave you, or add your own in the replies :)

I personally have always loved the iconic "Stay back human" quote! It's one of the first things I think of when I think about the series. For a long time, I was really hoping it would be the dramatic line at the end of a trailer for the movie, but we all know how that turned out x)

And as usual, you can read the results of last month's poll along with some brief analysis in the Haven Herald!

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Re: Monthly Poll - November 2020

Post by Cabaline » Mon 16th Nov 2020

I love the "Stay back human" one too! It is the first time you see Holly and Arty interact and it is such a cool first line. I wish that I could make it the first thing I say to people I'm meeting for the first time :lol: Joking aside, it makes Holly sound so incredibly cool and calm under pressure. ^_^
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Re: Monthly Poll - November 2020

Post by artymon I\/ » Fri 20th Nov 2020

Oh man, these are all golden!

They all demonstrate different aspects of what makes these books so good. The sass and snark and smarminess all swirling around with a helping of unappreciated genius from both sides among so many other things.

I think it's a toss up for me between lollipops and stay back human.

"Stay back human" could easily be the tagline for series. And it's a perfect representation of Holly's typical description: Dangerous, like a black widow.

I feel it also marks a turning point of sorts for Artemis and Butler. Up til then, he could easily walk away and find some other profitable venture to exploit and rescue his father / run the family business.
But the moment these characters meet, irreversible things are set in motion and the rest is history.

Lollipops is such an iconic one. And I feel it earns merit by showing that despite his vast intellect, Artemis is as human as the rest of us and subject to having one of those staircase wit moments.
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