Would you rather be.....

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Would you rather be a criminal mastermind or a Mad scientist??

Criminal Mastermind
Mad scientist
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Would you rather be.....

Post by world is quiet here » Wed 6th Jun 2012

Okay I've been asking this question for ages now:
Would you rather be a Criminal mastermind or a Mad Scientist??
I would rather be a Mad Scientist, but everybody I asked said they would rather be a criminal mastermind, it most be because you would get rich, but so would a mad scientist if your expiriments work which they never would because your mad
So what one would you rather be?

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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by Skyswallow » Sun 1st Jul 2012

Why not both?
At present, I would enjoy being a criminal mastermind, but if you're a mad scientist you're allowed to explode stuff. And I'm good at thinking of new ways to do that... I could be a criminal mastermind who's also a mad scientist!!!
*goes off to organise world explosion before realising her plan will probably not work*
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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by Amber Root » Mon 2nd Jul 2012

I chose neither since I don't think as myself as any of the two. I see myself more as a major of something. Just not having to do with crimanal or bein mentally mad. ^^
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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by Felina » Tue 3rd Jul 2012

Criminal mastermind. Totally. Calm, quiet, working in the shadow. :awesome:

And yeah, it would be cool to blow up stuff, but if you are criminal mastermind, you can ask someone to do it for ya.
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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by Foxriver Fowl » Sun 15th Jul 2012

But I would want to be a= :starwars:


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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by ArtemisFowlII » Thu 19th Jul 2012

I would rather be a Criminal Mastermind because:
a) If i was a mad scientist, i would be MAD
b) as a criminal MASTERMIND, i would be smart very smart! :-D
c) as a criminal mastermind, i'd be less likley to blow-up and die :lol:
d) If i was a criminal mastermind, i would be more like Artemis! :D
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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by Immortal » Sun 26th Aug 2012

A criminal mastermind.

I'm not good at math, so there goes my chances of being a mad scientist anyways.

Plus, look at all the great fictional criminal masterminds.

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Re: Would you rather be.....

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 3rd Jan 2013

I already am a Criminal Mastermind... ;)

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