Who is your favorite actor?

This or that? Give your opinions in the votes within.
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Re: Who is your favorite actor?

Post by JayJay444 » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

My favorite actors/actresses are: Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, David Tennant, Colin Firth and Georgia Lock :awesome:

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Re: Who is your favorite actor?

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

Mine are...
Johnny Depp
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jim Carrey
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Whoever played the early 70's Doctor.
NOT NICHOLAS CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is all.
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Bang Your Drum
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Re: Who is your favorite actor?

Post by Bang Your Drum » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

That would be Jon Pertwee he was the Doctor from 1971-1974.... he's my fave :D
is that who you're thinking of?

along with Rodger Delgado! Who is my favorite actor who plays the Master ^^
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Solinium Pulse
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Re: Who is your favorite actor?

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 3rd Jan 2013

Keira Christina Knightley. I think I'm in love!!!!! :jump:

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