Can You Sing?

This or that? Give your opinions in the votes within.

Can you sing?

Yes, I take lessons.
Yes, but I don't take lessons.
No, but I take lessons.
Total votes: 52

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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by Felina » Sat 27th Aug 2011

Yes, but I don't take lessons.
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Amber Root
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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by Amber Root » Wed 7th Sep 2011

Yes, but I don't take lessons. I one time sang during class and made my teacher tear up a little. It was the good kind, though. They all said I had the best voice in the class and grade which was 4th, now I'm in 6th. They still remember and say that I still own the title. :D
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Ally Kat
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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by Ally Kat » Thu 8th Sep 2011

Everyone tells me I can sing, and I used to be in choir. I haven't been in almost six years.

I don't get why everyone tells me I can sing. :| I feel I'm actually quite bad at it and my voice always cracks and fades at the low notes. *shrugs*

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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by evilgenius » Tue 18th Oct 2011

So people tell me (I don't believe them)

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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by firebat12 » Thu 19th Jan 2012

my sister thinks she can but she cant but i sorta can
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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by ArtyRocks » Wed 22nd Feb 2012

I do, but I don't take lessons. I lurv singing. :3

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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by BoboParadizo » Wed 22nd Feb 2012

Sing? No. Noooooooo.

But I can hum, though. Fairly painlessly, I may add. Yay humming! :D *hums*

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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by AFrules12 » Sat 8th Sep 2012

^ I'm pretty much the same XD
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Re: Can You Sing?

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 3rd Jan 2013

Can I sing? Like crap, yes! :horse:

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