Pie Vs. Muffins

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Which is better?

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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by partyonsoccerfan » Sun 7th Jun 2009

PIE! You're weird if you like muffins over pie !!
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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by yunyun » Fri 19th Aug 2011

Pie, mostly when they'e apple pies :)

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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by Felina » Fri 19th Aug 2011

PIE! You're weird if you like muffins over pie !!
And yes, I know that I'm weird. I'm PROUD because of that ;)
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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by Foxriver Fowl » Sun 15th Jul 2012

Muffins all the way! :awesome:


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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by Amber Root » Mon 23rd Jul 2012

Yeah, team muffins! *High fives the people with muffins*
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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by world is quiet here » Tue 24th Jul 2012

I say muffins! :D *highfives back*

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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by ArtemisFowlII » Tue 25th Sep 2012

I voted pie, but I say that cookies are best!

Cookies trump all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Except for ice cream! :lol: )
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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 3rd Jan 2013

Pie. ALWAYS pie. Every time. :D

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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Mon 7th Jan 2013

Muffins. They remind me of Derpy Hooves...
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Re: Pie Vs. Muffins

Post by Percy Jackson(sorry) » Mon 16th Mar 2020

I gotta go with muffins. Unless you're talkin' lemon meringue pie, I ain't interested.

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