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Silver Eagle
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Re: Instrument

Post by Silver Eagle » Sat 25th Aug 2012

I play violin :) Also a bit of piano and flute.

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Re: Instrument

Post by ArtemisFowlII » Tue 25th Sep 2012

I play the violin and started last year! I also played the recorder for 3 years, but that is not really an instrament.....
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Re: Instrument

Post by AngelMoon » Fri 28th Sep 2012

I play piano, flute, saxophone, percussion, and if it was there, piccolo. :awesome:

amazing signature, sara!! thanks! <3

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Re: Instrument

Post by LEPreconGirl » Mon 8th Oct 2012

I play the ALTO SAXOPHONE :D in our school's Marching Band :3

We had a competition Saturday. Didn't do awesome, but we're half freshmen (myself included) and having another one this weekend. ^^
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Re: Instrument

Post by Falcon! » Fri 30th Nov 2012

"Horn of any type." I am mildly insulted.

I play and love a French Horn by the name of Frederick the Fifth.
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Solinium Pulse
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Re: Instrument

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 3rd Jan 2013

I played percussion, Bells mainly. Until my mom couldn't stand it anymore...

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Re: Instrument

Post by Skyswallow » Fri 13th Jun 2014

Guess who started learning clarinet? :awesome: And guess who just worked out the tune to 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman'? :awesome:

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Percy Jackson(sorry)
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Re: Instrument

Post by Percy Jackson(sorry) » Mon 16th Mar 2020

Saxophone every day bud.

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