Where Do You Live?

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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Green » Sun 18th Jul 2010

I live in the USA, Arkansas to be exact. I don't have an accent...or if i do it's unintentional. I do use ain't though not in type. the color is still yellow not yeller. I don't use y'all though I know a few people that do.Are weather is wierd and changes fast but we don't get near as many tornadoes as Oklahoma or Kansas but we do get a whole lot of flash floods. We have several rivers though almost none of them have even remotly creative names; red river, black river, white river :lol: .
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by captain-trouble » Sun 18th Jul 2010

hitsugayatoushiro wrote:England....every1 knows I'm in England cos i spen alot of time complaining about it.
Give me ten yrs and I'm movin to Egypt.
I'm glad I'm not the only person that complains about England all the time. This site's policy on language is the only thing preventing me from telling you all whatt I really think of it here, haha.

But it's all good, because in less than 6 months I'll be living in Canada, and my life will be complete.
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by cookieninja » Thu 22nd Jul 2010

hitsugayatoushiro wrote:England....every1 knows I'm in England cos i spen alot of time complaining about it.
Give me ten yrs and I'm movin to Egypt.
And I'm coming with you.

I've already mentioned that I live in Canada, but I must say that where i live is boring. And I'm 3 hours away from the nearest bookstore. To make it better, I live around 15 minutes from the nearest town.
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by partyonsoccerfan » Thu 22nd Jul 2010

^i guess where I live is a bit similar.

As I have menioned I live in Michigan 45 min away from Detroit. I live in a small town where everyone knows eachother and usually no one goes anywhere they just stay in my town for all of their lives, but when I'm 16 I'm leaving! Yay.
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Silversong » Fri 13th Aug 2010

The USA.
Arkansas, to be exact ;)
I love it here, but I miss my birth state. ((Tennessee))
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Mere Reflection » Wed 29th Sep 2010

The captital of Australia. NO, NOT SYDNEY. CANBERRA is the captial of AUSTRALIA. (Everyone gets that mixed up.)
Thanks to Cat Moon for showing me how to do this XD
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Alanna » Wed 29th Sep 2010

Lol, I'd prefer if the capital was in Quensland. Mackay, QLD, Australia... or there abouts, depends on how you interpret the post code.
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by JLHxXxX » Tue 7th Dec 2010

Aha. I do hate where I live. I live in that small town two hours from NYC and north of Phily that everyone just LOVES to come to. The closest theatre and mall is fourty minutes away, closest airport two hours, we don't have a trainstation in the area.

But yes. If everyone wants to know. I do have an eastern country accent. It's very different from western, though you'll still hear it. I'm pretty good at covering it up, but if I start talking the country will slur into my words. Ain't, yall, and endin' words like this is a common thin' in my house hold. xD. See?
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by jsreed5 » Thu 23rd Dec 2010

Kansas City suburbia (on the Kansas side). For a while I lived in the extreme southwest corner of Missouri, and before that I lived right in the heart of Chicago's East Side.
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Josephine Fowl » Sun 26th Dec 2010

Hmm, I just live in Denmark in Europe; it's right above Germany and below Sweden and Norway. It kinda look like an island.
And I tell you all: Never come here. Never! Denmark's a BORING country and you can never count on the weather, it changes almost everyday. Warm in summer and cold in winter

I live in the 5th biggest city in Denmark - Randers. About 50.000 people. Not even, I'll guess - In entire Denmark live less people than in Berlin in Germany. It's actually amazing how small Denmark is, isn't it? It is.

Accent? Who me? Totally. It's kinda weird though. Sometimes it's British and sometimes it's an American accent. I sound very weird :D

I live not even 10 minutes (in car) from the middle of Randers. But only 5 minutes (while walking) from my school and 10 minutes (walking) from my job >.<
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by E.N.HA » Tue 11th Jan 2011

I live in Canada, land of the eternal iceburg. I'm lying actually, it's just an eternal iceburg in Winnipeg where I live. :D Lying about that too, we have a very nice summer...two months of the year. :lol:
I've lived a lot of different places (Kenya, anyone?) and hope to hit the road soon for some other place...will do so after university. Winnipeg's kind of boring. Sort of homey, but boring.
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by theramagic » Sat 5th Feb 2011

I live in the USA, specifically new york :D
I've lived in a bunch of different places in the Us- ohio, texas, new jersey, and delaware
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Ann » Fri 11th Feb 2011

I'm a proud Texan with a slight accent. Very slight. :D And I am not a cowgirl. I cannot live without electricity. Or air conditioning. And I am not that into horses.

Though one of my friends is obsessed with horses! :D
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by domvoia » Wed 30th Mar 2011

i live in north America, but both my parents families have Irish in their blood so 50persent Irish and Scandinavian and Russian so i am actually 4 parts of the family European :?: i think
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Re: Where Do You Live?

Post by Opal's_Clone » Sun 3rd Apr 2011

I live in Iowa. My mom is Austrian/German/Irish, and my dad is English/Scottish/Irish. I have a VERY sharp temper. :)

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