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Post by artemisfowlexpert1 » Mon 8th Apr 2013

So um yeah. This gamer/YouTube-r is hell-amazing. He's a average dude from Sweden, who currently lives in Italy with his girlfriend, Marzia, who is gorgeous. Anyway! Pewdiepie is funny as heck, and yeah. You guys should check him out!! Link to his channel ---->
So I highly recommend watching his channel, cuz he's hilarious, and he plays horror games and other games too. He is pretty awesome lol. His fans are called the bros/bro-army (pretty awesome). Please check him out! And hopefully we can get this topic a-blazing! *brofist*
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Re: Pewdiepie

Post by artysgirl5 » Thu 25th Apr 2013

Hello! Nice to meet you.
I have also watched some of his videos and they are what you call "hell-amazing".
I would recommend watching Crooked Man.

Another recommendation:
Watch swoozie06's videos. They're hilarious (99.99% of the time).
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Re: Pewdiepie

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Thu 1st Aug 2013

Hey guys,

This really belongs in Media.

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