Unsettling Things...

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Re: Unsettling Things...

Post by Skyswallow » Wed 8th May 2013

So this isn't for me, but one of my friends is terrified of spiders. And weeping angels. And then I made a joke about the 'Hey, who turned out the lights' thing and it turned out she's (is? was?) terrified of that thing. So I drew a weeping angel spider saying 'hey, who turned out the lights?'. I will probably edit it in once I've scanned it in :)
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Re: Unsettling Things...

Post by Randomosity » Sat 25th May 2013

I sometimes get a little claustrophobic, and I was traveling with friends on the tube when it stopped nowhere near a station and very abruptly. I got a little nervous, so my friend said, 'it's fine. we'll be out soon, and the powers still working,' or something like that.
Then the lights went out.
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Re: Unsettling Things...

Post by Cabaline » Tue 1st Apr 2014

I find it really weird to walk through my uni buildings when it is empty or night time. It just creeps me out a little.

Also my flatmate sleepwalks which is very unsettling! I'll be woken up at 5am by the sound of footsteps going up and down the corridor, or a door repeatedly opening. Once I went to the bathroom at 5:30am, and when I opened the bathroom door to go back to bed, he was standing in front of it COMPLETELY asleep! It scared the hell out of me! :lol:
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Re: Unsettling Things...

Post by nebula » Thu 19th Jun 2014

I've always feared being with my mom one night and her going out and never coming back. That almost happened one night on vacation, but she came back at 2:30 am (I just didn't expect her to be that late). It was especially unsettling because we were in a vacation house with big glass windows and I could see out into the night. Also, it was a big house and I didn't know the area very well. Creepy.
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Re: Unsettling Things...

Post by artymon I\/ » Thu 7th May 2020

Unsettling is when your car engine light comes on...then goes off. It's like the car is saying "Get ready, boi....wait, jkjk, not yet. I'll do it when we're on a dark road with no one else around."

Actually, there was a (creepypasta?) story I heard where this pizza delivery dude goes to this far off address in the middle of nowhere and pulls up to a decrepit house. S/he rings the bell, no answer.
At the window, the pizza guy notices movement, they catch a flash of eyes. Big, open wider than you would think medically possible.
The pizza guy tries again to knock/ring.
Still no answer.
But the door creaks open.
Th confused pizza deliverer wanders in calling out hello, hello.
With a growing sense of discomfort and unease, the pizza boy feels watched and decides to just get the heck out. He drops the pizza on the floor and turns to bolt out the door. As soon as he turns and moves, he hears a scrabbling behind him. Quick little feet chasing after.
Feeling a legion of spiders tickling along his sides, he manages to make it out the front door, slamming it shut.
Gasping, he holds himself against the door, terrified to let go of the handle, should the large eyed person come after him.
He runs to his car and hops in, locking the doors. Starting the engine, he goes to drive off, but notices an odd grinding sound as he drives along, and the car isn't responding the way it should.
So he stops, gets out and finds all four of his tires are flat. On closer inspection, he discovers they've been slashed.
Freaked out, he runs into the woods and calls the police.

I forget exactly how it went, I just remember the detail about the mysterious girl in the house and her big eyes, open wider than natural.
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