Ways to Torture Barbie...

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by AFrules12 » Sat 26th Jan 2013

^^ YES! And then the Dr Who christmas special and the episode where Amydied
Or we could just make her watch anything done by Stephen Moffat. :D

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by Skyswallow » Sun 27th Jan 2013

^Good point :) That might be easier, but Reichenbach wasn't written by Moffat XD
Anyhow, back on topic... Force her to read an unfinished fanfic...
Gallifrey - a Doctor Who fanfiction
Hunting the Disappeared - a Fowlock fanfiction

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by CloverKitty » Mon 28th Jan 2013

Tie her to a chair and paint her face. But not like at a carnival, just use paint and smear it all over her.

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by slepyoneshot » Wed 30th Jan 2013

do what everyone has already said combined
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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by shaadia cader » Wed 7th Aug 2013

Take off her clothes.
Sing Gangam Style in front of her and smudge chalk all over a pic of Prince Charming, then slap her, then feed her sushi dipped in expired ice cream and pour maple syrup on her head, and hire a dinosaur to fart on her, and make a horse poop on her favorite shoe :horse: , then put it in a microwave and make her eat it, and then...I think I've said enough :lol: !!

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by artymon I\/ » Wed 2nd Oct 2019


Y'all got issues.

Now if Dexter has taught me anything, clearly what you lot do with Barbie is hang her upside down, slit her neck and let her stand thus for a full day and night to allow all blood to properly drain. Next you'll transfer the Barbie to a freezer, I'd recommend industrial, food grade. The colder, the better. Again, allow eh, couple of days to ensure proper and thorough freezing.
Once the corpse is cooled, you'll want to acquire a hacksaw or possibly an electric carving knife and gently saw the arms and legs off the torso - preferably saw the appendages in bits of four (you'll thank me later).
Now if you've done this right, the frozen flesh should be fairly easy to slice through and the drained veins ensure no blood crystallizes anywhere in the Barbie.
Finally, we move onto presentation - as you know, presentation is key.
Here's where the smaller bits come in handy! Instead of wrapping long legs and awkward arms, you've nice and neatly shaped pieces that should be bone dry post-thaw. Go ahead and wrap them in whatever paper you have handy. I'd recommend white butcher paper (it looks clean and presentable, after all, we're not savages). However, if it's meant as a gift, for, say, a long-lost brother, I'd go with the Guardian's of the Galaxy polka dot print paper and don't forget a bow!

Yeah, that ought to do.

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Re: Ways to Torture Barbie...

Post by Percy Jackson(sorry) » Tue 17th Mar 2020

Isn't this a little creepy? We're all adults here. *Stares at the children and teens in the room.* Okay, at least as few of us are adults here. Also.....remind me to stay away from Artymon.

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