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Steam thread

Post by FoxehShadeh » Fri 3rd Jan 2014

Steam is an excellent online gaming client, with both indie and triple-A games. If you have it, here's my profile.
If not, go here!
I need an adult.
My Steam! Friend me!:
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Re: Steam thread

Post by world is quiet here » Fri 3rd Jan 2014

Ive got it! Pm me for my name
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Re: Steam thread

Post by Amber Root » Sat 4th Jan 2014

Okey o3oI made it, Shadey. Add me, guysss.
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Re: Steam thread

Post by slepyoneshot » Wed 8th Jan 2014

i sent you a friend request, i am the_master011
here is meh account page,
you have two options:


Friend XD
do you not like me? doesnt matter, i face a lot more than you in real life

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do you not like anything about me? you only think im a kid who likes to annoy everyone i see, i have ADHD, dont blame me for my gift from god, ADHD lets me be happy in real life even though im hated there


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Re: Steam thread

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 30th Jan 2014


Yeah, I need new aliases.

Add me if you want, I like to play TF2. :D

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Re: Steam thread

Post by Cabaline » Tue 11th Feb 2014

My name on steam is cabaline. I only got it last week so I haven't really played anything.
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