E.B.O.N.Y. (A challenging riddle game)

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E.B.O.N.Y. (A challenging riddle game)

Post by Solinium Pulse » Sat 28th Sep 2013

There is a puzzle out there, ladies and gentleman, that is quite the challenge, for any of you clever, cunning, and downright logical geniuses that you may just be interested in...

It's called E.B.O.N.Y., and the goal of the game is actually quite simple: get to the next level.

But getting there...That's the challenge.

This isn't your average point-and-click puzzle game, this game requires you to think a little bit more creatively with your computer.

Selecting text to reveal hidden text, using photo manipulation, and even looking through the source code for hints, as well as the clever use of anagrams to decoding languages to solving algebraic equations to changing the URl to even navigating through areas that require a username and password (Not yours, of course)...

You even have to go out of your way (opening new tabs in your browser) to research clues!

This is quite an advanced game, but anyone can play. In a nutshell, it's pretty epic.

Soon, I'm going to be posting a bunch of how-to's and walk-through's here if anyone is interested.

The game shows you what to do at the beginning levels, so don't sweat it ^^

But trust me when I tell you...It WILL get more complicated.


Play it! D:<

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Re: E.B.O.N.Y. (A challenging riddle game)

Post by Cabaline » Sun 29th Sep 2013

I've been playing this for the past 3 hours, it's so so much fun.
I'm on level 38 now, the bhalf one. Things are starting to get difficult now!
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