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Post by firebat12 » Sun 22nd Jan 2012

uncharted drakes fortune, uncharted 2 among theives, and uncharted 3 drakes decption, alll great games focusing on the exploits of a desentdant of sir francis drake, nathan drake. Drake is a adventurer like indiand jones but his prizes mostly focus on the tresure of sir francis and marco polo
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Re: uncharted

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Sun 21st Jul 2013

I just played the ENTIRE series.

Holy jesus the scenery is just GORGEOUS and the music, UNBELIEVABLE <3 Just wonderful!
And the treasures and puzzles are really great!

And the bantering between the characters is also wonderful!

The game controls, however, and the CONSTANT gun fighting is really irritating most of the time.
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