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Post by MichaelM » Sat 17th Jun 2006

Youve probably seem some of these around the internet already, but theres alot more of them than i realised XD

Basically youre an abominable snowman thing, and you DONT LIKE PENGUINS XD

Random little games, but addictive :)


<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

(You have to either register or download them though :( )

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Post by hobboy » Sat 17th Jun 2006

I've seen this game called "Club Penguin". And believe me, total waste of time. :lol: Funny though. :lol:
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Post by MickieJL » Sun 18th Jun 2006

lol yeah those games are really fun
i was shocked the first time i seen them! their kinda mean towards peguins. their so funny to watch. some games have pretty funny sounds too :D
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Post by Jehuty » Sat 15th Jul 2006

This place is so dead.


My favourite of all of those games has to be the blood sport ones. Really they add a whole new aspect to the game. Who can get the most blood out of the tiny penguins body? Really these versions are better, but that might just be because I live in violent games.

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