How To Rate A Game

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How To Rate A Game

Post by Jehuty » Thu 9th Nov 2006

Ok so to go with the revival of the Gaming thread I will be making the Game Rater Guide. This guide is what the rating of games in the other thread will be based on. It doesnt have to be followed but at least this way there will be some equality with the ratings. Ok.

Follow the below Points:
1: Story: This is the core for every game, if it sucks, you wont want to touch the controller, if its good, well you wont put the controller down. A core part of every game.
1-3: Medicore, just meh(thats for you Michael :P)
4-6: Hmm not bad, boring sometimes, but good the majority
7-8: Wow nice job writers alot of depth, I wanna here the end to this.
9-10: You are the Gods of stories, I want the sequel now!

2: Gameplay:
Ok no game would be a game without Gameplay. This is basically what the game style is, like FPS(First person Shoot) or RPG(Role playing Game). This applies to all games and cant be removed from it. Otherwise its a text based game, which we all know suck. Ok the ratings for this will be split into 4 groups:

1-3: What were you thinking!! =X
4-6: Pretty Nice, although the game is lacking in alot of places
7-8: Wow, this game flows pretty good, but you could have done this to make it better
9-10: A gift from God, flow was excellent, never wanted to stop. Thankyou!

1-3: WTH was that! >=|
4-6: Hmm not bad, wasnt very long and not that fun =/
7-8: Great Fun could have been a bit longer with more guns. Multiplayer lacked a bit
9-10: SO many guns, SO many levels, Great Multiplayer! Great Game

1-3: Wait, im confused was I meant to smile?
4-6: Hmm, pretty short and pretty boring =/
7-8: Hmm great, lots of levels, would have liked a bit more excitement
9-10: Platforming God, this game has it all, excitement, length and easy to pick up and play!

Stratedgy (Includes RTS and TB)
1-3: Ok, I beat it, wont be playing that again
4-6: Hmm I kinda liked alot of the aspects, but it was lacking in alot of areas
7-8: Ok this game has a great engine. Really enjoyed it, but more multiplayer and better AI?
9-10: Drated AI won again >=| fantastic ideas and game engines, un-beatable in most areas

4. Graphics: Ok no matter what game it is, it has Graphics. No matter what people say Graphics do add to the gaming experience. Ok so this section will be breif as I personally dont care for bad graphics and I am quite biased when a game has sunk to a new low.
1-3: Ok come on, that is a joke
4-6: Ok not bad, I can see that you have tried
7-8: Excellent, just some slight errors in the graphics during Gameplay
9-10: Wait they were rendered! o.O Unbelievable didnt think that was possible.

Once you have rated the game in the sections above, take an average (Add up your totals and divide it by 4). That should refect the game pretty accuratly.

This guide is Jehutys, you can only re-use it with his permission >=[

This is a useful thread! I can't believe this hasn't been stickied yet!--darvit

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