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Re: The OFFICIAL youtube thread

Post by Bang Your Drum » Fri 28th Feb 2014

I'm in this! Starting at 0:35 (there's an article and radio version too-they say m last name wrong though)
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Re: The OFFICIAL youtube thread

Post by Cabaline » Tue 12th May 2020

Two videos that I go back to time and time again, and that I share as often as humanly possible in any way that I can.
The first is Bobby McFerrin at a neuroscience conference. He does a very simple, yet very effective, and catchy, demonstration to show that everyone has music hardwired into their brain and that we all have it in common, even if we think we don't:

The second video is an amazing piece of spoken word property called Explaining My Depression To My Mother, A Conversation. The first time I watched this I cried, everything she describes is perfectly accurate. And I have since memorised it. It's so powerful I think that everyone should see it, to help understand:

Enjoy! ^_^
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