Favourite Movie?

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Post by Minerva_Paradizo » Sun 28th Jan 2007

oh my fav is the house of wax its so scary and gross

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Post by domovoihappy » Mon 29th Jan 2007

Henry V

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Post by Arty » Tue 1st May 2007

"Labyrinth "

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Post by SpringWater » Sat 2nd Jun 2007

Lord of the Rings - i really love the movies!!
My other favourites are Eragon(!!!), harry Potter and pirates of the caribbean.... ah and High school musical lol :wink:
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Post by MichaelM » Sat 2nd Jun 2007

Hmm... Always fun trying to choose favourites. XD

Mine would be V for Vendetta, Gladiator and Underworld. (And LOTR as well ^_^ )

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Post by Bang Your Drum » Sun 3rd Jun 2007

i dunno its like a toss up between Waitresses ( its got Nathinal Fillion from Firefly in it!, so its at least thats the best chick flick ever), The Pursuit of Happiness, and something really stupid like I Robot (um, i like Will Smith :oops: :roll: ) or The X-file movie i have yet to see (i bet it will be really awsome though :roll: :lol:,*sigh* great shows to not make great movies. . . except in the case of Serenity yet one more of my fac\ve movies )
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Post by Cr4b5t3r » Mon 11th Jun 2007

In a world of computer graphics and CG, there's one movie which dares to be ugly...The Simpsons Movie... In 2D!It's so funny, I lmaoed and rofled
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Post by TomRK1089 » Mon 11th Jun 2007

MichaelM wrote:Hmm... Always fun trying to choose favourites. XD

Mine would be V for Vendetta, Gladiator and Underworld. (And LOTR as well ^_^ )

Yeah V for Vendetta!

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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by OctoberOpal22 » Sun 29th Jul 2007

My favorite would have to be Dicky roberts former child star, it was hilarious!
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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by veelagirl » Sun 29th Jul 2007

ooh, i dunno, i liked pirates of the carribean, depends on how the arty film turns out! i also liked the matrix and lord of the rings.
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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by Artemis_Yanez » Mon 13th Aug 2007

I have way too many favorites the ones that pop into my head would have to be the Orignal Matrix, The Lord of The Rings Triology. that is just for starters recently though 300 was down right awesome. Once upon a time in Mexico was awesome as well. that is all I can think of.
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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by laurenator » Fri 17th Aug 2007

I absolutely LOVE the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Shut Up and Sing, and.....um...pretty much everything by Hayao Miyazaki. ^_^
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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by Lightning » Tue 28th Aug 2007

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children & The Invasion
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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by Axizol » Wed 29th Aug 2007

Definitly Rent...

Rent - best movie ever! :P

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Re: Favourite Movie?

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Sat 24th Aug 2013

Léon, by Luc Besson. Love the actors (Natalie Portman, Jean Reno, Gary Oldman :wub:), love the scenario, love the characters (Mathilda/Léon, best buddies ever) love everything :D
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