The awesomeness of RANDOMNESS!!

For strange, random (and maybe a little pointless!) messages.
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The awesomeness of RANDOMNESS!!

Post by shaadia cader » Sun 26th May 2013

*points title* theehee...
Anyways, 'sup, people? Me is actually SICK. poor me... :(
So to make me better, me should find the fountain of youth and mix its water with Coca Cola, then add in the fire of a water breathing sick...

Forget me. What are you doing now? Just wanted to be Random.

I love you Cena!!!! :wub:

Yeah, just say random stuff in your reply. Randomness makes me happy!!



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Re: The awesomeness of RANDOMNESS!!

Post by Felina » Sun 26th May 2013

Darling, for being random, you dun have to make another thread every time ^^; You can post here...
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