Welcome to the kingdom of weird!

For strange, random (and maybe a little pointless!) messages.
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shaadia cader
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Welcome to the kingdom of weird!

Post by shaadia cader » Sun 19th May 2013

Oh, hello there. Are you weird?

Not the best question to start off with...anyway, let me introduce myself.

I, Shaadia Cader, princess of weird, Commander of Boncus, Anti-gravitational awesomeness and flying squirrels, am looking for new recruits to my Army of Weirdos.
I humbly welcome all awesome people who wanna join, and you get lollipops if you do! How do you like sea lions? Aren't killer whales beautiful? Isn't John Cena the coolest superstar ever? Wouldn't WWE be boring without Punk? Are you happy with your life? Do you like ponies? :peace: :peace:

You can answer me, simply, Do you ship A/H? YES!! A/H iz ze bezt zhip ever!! :awesome: ARTYHOLLY FOR EVER!!

Do you see that kite in the...oh wait, there's a cyclone and it got blown away... :shock:

RUN!! SEA MONSTER!! um...that's a floating leaf... :( :(

Oh look a book...AARGH!! THERE'S A ZOMBIE INSIDE!! *runs into cupboard and locks self, panting*

How do you put an elephant in the fridge?
You just open the door and put it in,
How do you put a giraffe in the fridge?
Take the elephant out and put it in!
What animal did not attend the lions wedding?
The giraffe, duh! It was still in the fridge.

Remember, please reply! And don't forget the sole purpose of the message... ;)
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--Shaadia Cader, Princess of weird, Commander of Boncus, leading General in the Anti- punctuation mark army and Heir to the Throne of Insanity.

I am the (not so) lovely Princess of Eternal Weird, I'm (not so) graceful and (not at all) feminine, and I (never) wear ball gowns. My favorite color is (SO NOT)pink and I (well this one's true at least) love cats.

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Re: Welcome to the kingdom of weird!

Post by Battery » Sun 19th May 2013

Hi! Welcome to the forum. :) I'm not really sure there's a purpose to this thread, so I'm going to lock it and suggest a few other places you can discuss some of the things you mentioned, okay? It's not a big deal, pretty much everyone new has their threads locked at some point :)

For shipping discussions you can head over to the "Artemis Fowl General" board, where I'm pretty sure there are a fair number of threads on various shippy topics

For WWE you can feel free to start a thread in the Media section if you like, since I don't think anything already exists

And for other general or random things you can always head to the Off Topic Topic or one of the counting threads in the Games section!

Again welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy your stay :)