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New here? Tell us a little about yourself. Or are you going away for a while? Holidays?
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Mis Arte
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new member

Post by Mis Arte » Thu 30th Oct 2014

Official new member.
Just seeing for Artemis Fowl news.
Did anyone get my username by the way?
I don't do short hand.
My real name is Art.
I'm writing a fan fiction. If someone can help me to know how I can post it, then you will be welcome to read it.
I don't do emojis, they are for people who cannot express there emotions without pictures.
I may need help from time to time.
I can help people as well.
Depending on what it is.
For example I know how to hack into iPads.
And iPhones.
But not iPods
(I know it's weird)
Mis Arte
Mis Arte

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Bang Your Drum
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Re: new member

Post by Bang Your Drum » Thu 30th Oct 2014

I made a new topic, just for you :)
That be said, you shouldn't dismiss images as a valid form self expression. My name is Lena, I'm an admin here so you can always ask me for help. If you are referring to hacking ie jail breaking please do not discuss it here, we don't want to draw any ire from Apple's Legal dep.

What sorts of things do you like? Got any favorite musical acts or foods you are particularly passionate about?
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Dwarf Thief
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Re: new member

Post by Iris » Fri 31st Oct 2014

Hello Mis Arte, welcome to the site. I'm Iris, also known as Belli. It is nice to meet you.

I already posted in the other thread, but since your introduction post now has its own topic, I'll just copy my reply here :D Mostly for the information below

You said you are writing a fanfiction and need help publishing.
I am a (not very active) editor over at the fanfiction segment of this site, so I might be able to help. Because of some issues we had with spam robots, new users have to be manually approved. I can't do that myself, but I can contact a moderator who can approve you. Leaving a comment on the top post about the spambusters with your username works too and are seen quickly. If your username is Greek Geek, I already send a message about that, so it should be approved soon.

For the rest, welcome ^^ It's always good to see new faces
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Re: new member

Post by Felina » Sat 1st Nov 2014

Hai there! :D
I'm Lady Kitty Feline Marspian the First (just call me Kitty).
I like writing, though I prefer simply imagining, I love roleplaying and hanging out with people. Only when I'm bored though XD Books are still better.
I draw, though I mostly upload only bad stuff.
I also do archery. Dangerous distance from me is 18-60 meters.
Call me Katniss and I'll hunt you down.
Because I'm Hawkeye.
I also like singing and good music, for example Beatles, ABBA, Queen, Green Day, Coldplay, Frank Sinatra and some other stuff from 60s. If you ever need help with anything, feel free to PM me ^_^ I'm here almost every day.
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