greetings earthlings

New here? Tell us a little about yourself. Or are you going away for a while? Holidays?
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greetings earthlings

Post by nebula » Wed 4th Jun 2014

hi!! im nebula (i noticed i have a v similar name to another user on here, oops! to tell us apart, you can call me neb for short). i am interested in various anime and manga, but ill try not to weeaboo too hard ^^'. those include: kill la kill (minus the weird fanservice), puella magi madoka magica, the dangan ronpa games, and neon genesis evangelion. nge was really good.

(and of course af isn't an anime or manga, but that's not all im interested in! its one of my favorite book series!)

i occasionally do both digital and traditional art and am looking forward to doing some pixel art in the future! maybe i will post some in the art forum here later on.

and by the way, in terms of gender, i don't identify within the binary (i am agender 8) ) so please refer to me using they/them pronouns and as a person rather than a boy or a girl! i hope to meet all of you and become friends soon!!
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Re: greetings earthlings

Post by Skyswallow » Wed 4th Jun 2014

Ooh, hello! *Gives e-cookie* :D

I'm Sky, I'm British and love writing and science as well as my fandoms ^_^ As you can tell, I'm not great at intros, sorry!

Ooh, I'd love to see your art! What's your favourite thing to draw, if you have one? What programme do you use for your art and what style? :)

I don't know much about anime or manga (I've read a few Case Closed mangas and am on book 2 of Death Note I think but haven't seen anything), but I think Kitty (Feline) knows a lot about them? :awesome:
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Re: greetings earthlings

Post by Bang Your Drum » Wed 11th Jun 2014


I'm Bang Your Drum, but you can call Byddie or Lena.
I'm an admin so feel free to private message me if you need help, advice, or just need so one to talk to.

I enjoy arts and crafts, writing, fashion, and various television shows (Orange is the New Black, Life on Mars, Archer, Key and Peele, In the Flesh.... to name a few)
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